Snowfall Warning Issued for Red Lake, Ear Falls, Perreault Falls, and Along Highway 105

Snowfall Warning
Snowfall Warning

Residents and Travellers Advised to Prepare for Heavy Snowfall Tonight

RED LAKE – WEATHER – A Snowfall Warning has been activated by the Weather Office for the regions of Red Lake, Ear Falls, Perreault Falls, and areas along Highway 105. The warning entails significant snowfall slated to occur this evening through to overnight.

Hazard Details

  • Snowfall Accumulation: Expectations are set for nearly 15 cm of snow accumulation.
  • Visibility: Reduced visibility may be experienced at times during heavy snowfall.


  • Onset: Snowfall is forecasted to initiate late this afternoon.
  • Peak: The snowfall is expected to intensify this evening, continuing through overnight.
  • Tapering Off: Snowfall is expected to taper to light snow or flurries by Monday morning or afternoon.


The weather system advancing into the region will usher in snowfall starting late this afternoon, which is projected to become heavy as the evening unfolds, persisting through the night. By Monday, the snow is expected to ease into light snow or flurries during the morning or early afternoon.

Safety Measures and Impact

Wardrobe Suggestions:

  • Dress warmly in layers with a waterproof outer shell to keep dry and insulated against the cold.
  • Footwear should be waterproof with a sturdy grip to combat slippery conditions.

Travel Advisory:

  • Road Safety: The accumulation of snow is likely to challenge navigation on highways, roads, and in parking lots. Anticipate slippery surfaces.
  • Visibility: Heavy snowfall may significantly reduce visibility; ensure your vehicle’s lights are operational and on.
  • Driving Adjustments: Be prepared to modify your driving to suit changing road conditions. Reduce speeds, maintain a safe following distance, and allow extra time for your journey.

Stay Informed:

Keep updated with the latest weather forecasts and adhere to advisories from the Weather Office. Your safety and preparedness are paramount as this weather system passes through.


  • Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle.
  • Stay indoors during heavy snowfall unless travel is absolutely necessary.
  • If you must travel, inform someone of your route and expected arrival time.

This snowfall warning urges individuals in the affected areas to exercise caution and prioritize safety amid the adverse weather conditions.

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