Weather – Fort Frances Marks Ontario’s Cold Spot as November Begins

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A Chilly Morning Gradually Warms Up, but Flurries are on the Horizon

FORT FRANCES – WEATHER – As November begins, Fort Frances took the title of being Ontario’s cold spot with an early morning low of -13°C at 5:00 am. It has eased slightly and by 6:40 am the mercury is at -9.

The day is expected to bring a mix of sun and cloud, transitioning to a cloudier sky later in the morning. There’s a 30% chance of flurries expected this afternoon, hinting at the wintery days ahead. The wind is set to shift to the southwest, picking up to 20 km/h late this morning, providing some respite from the icy morning chill. The temperature is forecasted to reach a high of zero, although the morning wind chill of minus 14°C might make it feel much colder. With a UV index of 2 or low, sunburn isn’t a significant concern today.

Evening Forecast:

As the sun sets, the cloud cover will persist with a 40% chance of flurries making its appearance. The wind will taper off to around 15 km/h, with the temperature dropping to a low of minus 6°C. The wind chill is expected to hover around minus 3°C in the evening, dipping further to minus 10°C as the night progresses.

A Look into November 2:

Fort Frances residents will wake up to another cloudy day on November 2, with a 40% chance of flurries. The wind will maintain a gentle pace at up to 15 km/h, and the temperature is set to climb slightly to a high of plus 1°C, although a morning wind chill of minus 8°C will kick off the day. The UV index drops to a low 1, indicating a minimal risk of sun exposure.

Dressing for the Weather:

It’s imperative to dress warmly to combat the chilly temperatures. Layering up with thermal wear, a good quality insulated jacket, gloves, and a hat is advisable. For those planning to venture outdoors, keeping a weather eye on the latest updates will ensure a safer and more comfortable experience in Fort Frances’s wintry November embrace.

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