Majed Ali: All about flavorful food, photography, and passion for recipe creations.


Infusing the goodness of his Middle Eastern influence, this self-taught baker and recipe creator has come a long way in the industry with “The Cinnaman,” his food blog.

Isn’t it surreal to learn about all those people who, instead of following the tried and tested norms and the paths already trodden by others in varied fields, forge towards creating their own unique path to success? What is even more amazing to know is how most of these individuals, mainly from the younger brigade, showcase immense love and passion in building their careers from scratch, moving ahead slowly but steadily on their chosen paths to achieve their definition of success, just like Majed Ali did in the world of delectable food and recipes as a self-taught baker and recipe creator.
With “The Cinnaman,” his beloved food blog, Majed Ali makes sure to infuse each recipe he offers to his readers with his Middle Eastern influence. This has helped this incredible baker and food lover himself stand out from the rest.
“Unless you as a recipe creator don’t fall in love with what you bake/create/make and dive deep into the profundity of each ingredient you use, you won’t be able to translate that same passion into your customers and readers or make them fall in love with your food,” shares the self-taught baker based in Dubai, the UAE.
Majed Ali, in the recent past, not just made a name for himself with his much-talked-about food blog, The Cinnaman, but also with his blogging skills as well as food photography skills and styling, which he has been doing since the past decade.
Much of his inspiration to create novel recipes also comes from the endless love and support he has received from his mother, with whom he lives after his father passed away a few years ago. The passion and his “love at first sight” moment with food occurred when he was mind-blown by a banana bread introduced to him by his colleague.
This later motivated him to collect cookbooks, watch videos online, and hone his skills in his craft in the culinary world. He remembers how challenging it was for him back then as there weren’t enough cooking schools to learn from, and to top that, the idea of welcoming a male baker into the discreet community seemed more daunting. He then launched his YouTube channel and decided to imprint a part of himself in each recipe, incorporating his Middle Eastern influence, inspired by his childhood memories, the people he loves, and his life adventures and journeys.
However, Majed Ali knew that the love he held for food and creating recipes was beyond measure. Thus he kept hustling and chasing his dreams to reach where he has reached today with The Cinnaman and the innumerable mouth-watering recipes he continues to create to give his audience the taste they wish to savor.
What has also helped his food blog be unique is his decision to make it bilingual, offering content both in Arabic and English to reach wider audiences worldwide. Majed Ali’s baked goods and desserts with a Middle Eastern influence exude his distinguished personality, love for food, and passion for extraordinary recipe creations.


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