Weather – Fort Frances Braces for Flurries: Winter’s Whisper Becomes Audible

Weather Outlook Bullrushes

Fort Frances – WEATHER – The dawn breaks at a brisk -8°C at 5:30 am in Fort Frances. Under mainly cloudy skies, a 60% chance of flurries is predicted. The southwest wind at 20 km/h will ease early this morning before picking up again from the west at 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h near noon. A high of minus 2°C is expected, though the wind chill of minus 14°C this morning and minus 8°C this afternoon will keep the air feeling much colder.

Tonight’s Chill Continuation: The night remains mainly cloudy with a 40% chance of flurries. The gusty west wind at 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h, will become light after midnight. A low of minus 6°C is forecast, with a wind chill nearing minus 13°C, maintaining the wintry chill.

Monday’s Mild Flurry Flow: Monday is set to be mainly cloudy with a 40% chance of morning flurries, turning into actual flurries as the day progresses, with a local snow accumulation of about 2 cm. Winds will be lighter at 15 km/h, with temperatures holding steady near minus 3°C. A wind chill near minus 10°C suggests a continued cool atmosphere.

Warm Wardrobe Warning: Given the chilly forecast, dressing in layers with gloves and hats is advisable to stay warm and comfortable.

UV Index Advisory: A low UV index of 2 indicates minimal sun exposure risk. However, maintaining a good skincare routine is always a plus.

Travel Tips: With flurries and gusty winds on the cards, travellers should stay cautious on the roads, checking the weather and road conditions before heading out.

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