Weather – Fort Frances Endures Cold Snap and Flurry Chances

Rainy Day Weather

FORT FRANCES – WEATHER – As of 7:00 am CDT, it’s -5°C in Fort Frances under mainly cloudy skies. A 60% chance of flurries, paired with a westerly wind at 20 km/h, sets a chilly scene.

The high is expected to reach minus 1°C, but the wind chill will make it feel like minus 12°C this morning, easing slightly to minus 7°C this afternoon.

Tonight’s Flurry Forecast: Tonight, the cloud cover remains with a 40% chance of flurries. The wind will slow to up to 15 km/h, as temperatures drop to minus 7°C, with a near minus 12°C wind chill.

Sunday, 29th October Overview: The chilly trend continues on Sunday with mainly cloudy skies, a 40% chance of flurries, and winds up to 15 km/h. The high of minus 2°C will be accompanied by a wind chill near minus 11°C.

Sunday Night Flurry Chances: The 40% chance of flurries extends into Sunday night under cloudy skies, with temperatures holding at minus 7°C.

Preparation Recommendations: Residents are encouraged to bundle up in warm, layered clothing and to ensure homes and vehicles are winter-ready to navigate through the cold and potential flurries.

UV Index Advisory: With a UV index of 2 today and 1 on Sunday, the sun exposure risk is low, but maintaining regular skin protection routines is advisable.

Travel Advisory: Travellers should remain cautious, especially during flurry conditions, and ensure vehicles are equipped with a winter safety kit.

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