Wasaho Cree Nation’s Weather Waltz: Sun, Cloud, and Wind’s Whimsical Whirl!

Weather Update Fall

Morning Mildness, Afternoon Cloud Cover, and Wind’s Whimsy: A Cool Cavalcade!

Morning Forecast

Wasaho Cree Nation – WEATHER – The dawn in Wasaho Cree Nation breaks at a crisp -2°C at 6:00 am, offering a mix of sun and cloud to start the day. The afternoon plans to don a cloudier costume, while the west wind at 30 km/h, gusting to 50, adds a brisk beat to the scene. With a high of plus 2°C on the horizon, the wind chill of minus 10 this morning keeps the cool vibe alive. The UV index of 1 promises a gentle sunbeam ballet.

Clothing Cue: Morning Warm layers, gloves, and a snug hat are your morning mates to glide through the cool tunes with warmth and ease.

Night Forecast The night commences with a cloudy cover, planning to unveil a partly cloudy sky post-midnight. The west wind at 20 km/h adds a gentle rustle to the night, as temperatures plan a descent to minus 7°C, with a wind chill of minus 13 overnight adding a cool touch.

Clothing Cue: Night Bundle up in warm attire, perhaps with a cozy scarf and a hot cup of cocoa to fend off the night’s chill.

Forecast for Wed, 25 Oct

Wednesday opens the stage with a mix of sun and clouds, planning a cloudy curtain call in the afternoon. The west wind at 20 km/h, gusting to 40, continues its whimsical whirl, as the temperature aims for a high of plus 1°C. The morning wind chill of minus 14 keeps the cool choreography going, with the UV index of 1 keeping it mild.

Clothing Cue: Wednesday Warm, windproof layers with sturdy boots are your attire ensemble to stride through the cool breeze and cloudy cover with comfort.

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