Armstrong and Whitesand: From Chilly Dawn to Mild Day

It is now Winter yet and no there isn't snow Yet! Just an appetizer for the coming winter.

Winter Teasers: A Cloudy Cloak with a Side of Sun Sprinkles!

Morning Forecast: Armstrong Good morning, Armstrong residents! Old Man Winter is knocking at our doorsteps, but not to worry, he’s just passing by with a wink and a nudge this time. The clouds have gathered around to whisper chilly tales of -3°C at 6:00 am, while the wind hustles by at a modest 15 km/h, adding a crisp wind chill of -5°C to the morning air. But fret not, as the day progresses, we’ll see a friendly high of 7°C. The UV index is taking it easy at 2, which is considered low, so no need for that extra sunscreen dollop today!

Clothing Cue: Morning Time to pull out those comfy sweaters and snug scarves. A warm jacket is your loyal companion this morning. And oh, don’t forget to grab those gloves to keep the finger frost at bay!

Evening Forecast As the day waves goodbye, the skies will clear up a bit, turning partly cloudy and the temperatures will cuddle down to a cool -5°C. The wind continues its gentle rustle at 15 km/h, carrying along a wind chill of -7°C overnight. So, it’s a tad cooler but the stars should be twinkling through!

Clothing Cue: Evening Layer up as you step out for the evening. A cozy coat, a hat, and perhaps a pair of thermal leggings under your pants will keep the evening chill at bay.

Forecast for Sun, 22 Oct The sun and clouds are playing tag on Sunday, with a gentle breeze of up to 15 km/h tagging along. Temperatures will rise from a crisp wind chill of -9°C in the morning to a pleasant high of 10°C. The UV index remains low at 2, so feel free to enjoy the soft sunbeams!

Clothing Cue: Sunday Kickstart the day in your warmest gear but keep a lighter jacket at hand for as the day warms up. It’s a great day to sport that layered look!

Final Frolic: So, folks of Armstrong and Whitesand, let’s keep the chilly vibes at bay with our warm smiles and warmer jackets. Here’s to hoping the sun breaks free from the cloud tag for a bit of a warm hug!

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