Weather Outlook for Wasaho Cree Nation for October 20th 2023

Wasaho Cree Nation image by Brad Matthews
Wasaho Cree Nation image by Brad Matthews

Wasaho Cree Nation – WEATHER – Here’s what you can expect in terms of weather for the next couple of days:


  • Overall Conditions: Predominantly cloudy skies will be the theme of the day.
  • Precipitation: There’s a 30% likelihood of some light showers, so you might want to have an umbrella on hand just in case.
  • Temperature: The mercury will reach a high of +4°C.
  • UV Index: With a reading of 1, the UV exposure is on the lower end today. However, if you plan to spend extended periods outdoors, it’s always a good idea to take some protective measures.


  • The clouds will persist, keeping the sky mainly overcast.
  • Temperatures will dip, reaching a low of -3°C. It’s going to be a chilly night, so make sure you’re bundled up if you’re heading out.

Saturday, 21 Oct:

  • The weekend kicks off with a blend of sunshine and clouds, giving you a mix of sun and cloud throughout the day.
  • The temperature will be a tad warmer than today, reaching a high of 6°C.

All in all, a typical fall forecast for Wasaho Cree Nation! As always, stay warm, especially during the nights, and enjoy the autumn days ahead!

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