Weather Report for Armstrong and Whitesand: From Frosty Beginnings to Sunlit Endings!

Weather Update - Leaves in Fall

Brace yourself, the cold is coming – but so is the sun!

Good morning, Armstrong and Whitesand dwellers!

Today: Starting our day at a cool +4°C, we’re definitely feeling that autumnal chill in the air. A shoutout to Sioux Lookout for taking one for the team and being Ontario’s personal fridge at a nippy -2.4°C. As for our skies, they’re playing hard to get, with clouds holding court for now. But fret not, as they’re set to make a gracious exit early in the afternoon. As for the morning’s fog patches? They’ve set their sights on an early departure too. By midday, expect a reasonably warm 11°C with our UV index staying humble at 2.

Tonight: A crystal clear sky awaits. But here’s where things get interesting – the fog’s back for an encore! The wind, in its mild temperament, is expected to go as fast as 15 km/h. Prep for a chilly night with the thermometer potentially dipping to -3°C. And yep, you guessed it, a wind chill that might make it feel like -5°C.

What to Wear: Layer up! A cozy sweater underneath a medium-weight jacket should keep you snug. And perhaps a scarf and hat to fend off that morning chill.

Tomorrow’s Weather Report for Tue, 17 Oct: Sun’s Day Out!

Shimmering sun, foggy fun, and wind on the run

Tomorrow: Rise and shine to a sunny spectacle! Morning will usher in some lingering fog patches, but they’ll be on their way out soon enough. A bit of a breezy atmosphere awaits, with winds possibly touching 15 km/h. The temperature will climb its way to a comfortable 13°C. However, be prepared for an initial wind chill making it feel like -5°C. The UV index remains on the lower side, hanging out at 2.

Fashion Forecast for Tomorrow: Warm and layered is the mantra. But as the day progresses, be ready to peel off a layer or two under the sun’s gentle rays.

Armstrong and Whitesand, let’s embrace every shade of the weather. From frosty dawns to sunlit afternoons, there’s a beauty in every moment.

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