Weather Report for Thunder Bay: A “Cloud-tastic” Day with a Sprinkle of Surprise!


Who ordered the mixed weather smoothie?

Rise and shine, Thunder Bay! Our skies are serving up a cloud cocktail with a tiny chance of showers. But hey, who doesn’t love a little unpredictable drizzle?

Today: Starting at a comfortable +8°C, we’ve got a grey canopy overhead. There’s a cheeky 30% chance that the clouds might shed a tear or two (they’re emotional like that). The winds, meanwhile, are heading to the northern side of the compass at about 20 km/h. Hold onto your hats, literally! And by afternoon, we’re aiming to touch the high of 11°C. The UV’s just lounging around at 2, so no major sun-block needed.

Today is a perfect day for a bike ride, checking out Lakehead University for Homecoming, or the amazing local shops in the Waterfront and Fort William Business District. A few favourites are 3 Ride in the amazing Goods & Co on Red River and The Hub on Victoria Avenue in F-Dub!

Tonight: It’s still a cloud party in the evening, but around midnight, some of them are calling it a night, making it partly cloudy. We’re also in for a nippy +2°C. So snuggle up, folks!

Outfit De Jour: Given the cool temps and potential drizzle, a light waterproof jacket is your best bet. Add a layer underneath to adjust throughout the day. And maybe sport those wind-resistant accessories or boots.

Weather Whispers for Sun, 15 Oct: The Cloudy Chronicles Continue!

Featuring a Breezy Guest Appearance

Tomorrow: We’re starting with a bit of cloud clearance but as the morning proceeds, the clouds are flocking back in. And the winds? They’re repeating today’s northern gusty performance at about 20 km/h. With the mercury rising up to 12°C, it’s another cool day. The UV? Yep, you guessed it, still chilling at 2.

Fashion Forecast for Tomorrow: Layers are your best friend! Start off light, but have a jacket on standby. And perhaps a stylish scarf to fend off that northern breeze.

Here’s to navigating the clouds with style, Thunder Bay! Whether it drizzles or shines, make sure you’re always dazzling. Go get ’em!

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