Clearblow Founder Lach Black’s Game-Changing Innovation Is Making Waves

Clearblow Founder Lach Black’s Game-Changing Innovation Is Making Waves

Top Tips for Living with Asthma

Although asthma is a lifelong condition, you or your child should not have problems breathing all the time. You’ll be able to keep flare-ups at home and accomplish all the activities you want to do if you work with a doctor and pay attention to your symptoms. With technological innovation afoot, you can also now try a Bluetooth-enabled spirometer like Clearblow to keep track of your FEV breathing readings.

Clearblow is the brainchild of 17 year old entrepreneur Lach Black, who created the AI smart spirometer as a result of his own experience with the diagnostic test. His company’s smart spirometer is a portable solution designed for on-the-go use. Real-time results are readily available, and the app allows for seamless data sharing with the patient’s healthcare provider.

For those with chronic lung conditions like asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis, Clearblow’s smart spirometer is a gamechanger for patients to take control of their own health.

While there is no treatment for asthma, you can keep it under control and avoid asthma attacks. Here are a few things you may take to help if your asthma isn’t as well controlled as it could be daily.

Tips for Managing Your Asthma:

  1. Identify and Avoid Your Triggers

    Recognize allergens and irritants that can exacerbate asthma symptoms. Tracking when and where you experience wheezing and coughing can help identify triggers like cold air, exercise, allergens (pollen, pet dander), and strong fragrances (perfume, cigarette smoke). Avoiding these triggers is crucial for asthma prevention.

    2. Follow Your Doctor’s Medication Instructions

    Don’t skip your prescribed asthma prevention and treatment, even when symptom-free. Asthma is a persistent condition that requires daily management. Take both immediate relief and long-term treatment medications as directed by your allergist or asthma specialist.
  2. Keep Track of Lung Health

Clearblow Founder Lach Black’s Game-Changing Innovation Is Making WavesSpirometry is a valuable tool in maintaining asthma control. It measures lung function by assessing how much air you can exhale forcibly, helping to diagnose and manage asthmatic episodes. Regular spirometry tests enable healthcare providers to monitor lung function over time, ensuring that asthma is well-controlled. Using Clearblow’s fun and sleek smart pocket spirometer takes the guesswork out of maintaining lung health. Using Clearblow daily in the comfort of your home, patients can accurately manage their asthma symptoms without constant trips to the doctor or hospital. By detecting any decline in lung function early, adjustments to treatment plans can be made promptly, preventing exacerbations and improving overall asthma management. 

  1. Properly Use Your Preventer Inhaler

Learn the correct inhaler technique from your doctor to ensure the medication reaches your lungs. Ask for their guidance and feedback to improve your inhaler technique if needed.

  1. Be Mindful of Air Quality

Protect your lungs from cold, dry air by covering your nose and mouth with a scarf on chilly days. If cold air triggers coughing or wheezing during exercise, consider indoor workouts. Monitor pollen levels during allergy season and stay indoors when they peak.

  1. Maintain a Clean Home Environment

Dust mites, tiny bugs in furniture and bedding, can worsen asthma symptoms. While you can’t eliminate them, frequent vacuuming can help. If you have asthma, avoid vacuuming yourself, as it stirs up particles that may irritate your lungs. Wear a mask if you must do the cleaning.

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