Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Urges Fire Safety during Fire Prevention Week 2023


Prevent Disaster in the Kitchen: Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Shares Vital Fire Safety Tips

As Fire Prevention Week 2023 approaches, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is emphasizing the importance of fire safety in the kitchen. Cooking-related incidents remain the leading cause of residential fires in Ontario. To prevent disasters, it’s crucial to follow a fire-safe recipe and incorporate an ounce of prevention into your cooking routine.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe: Avoid Unattended Cooking and Distractions

Unattended cooking, distractions, and cooking under the influence of alcohol or other substances can leave you unprepared to respond in the event of a fire. Thunder Bay Fire Chief Greg Hankkio advises, “Accidents can happen but can be avoided by practicing fire safety in the kitchen.” Simple measures like keeping a lid nearby to cover a pot during a fire, maintaining a clear area around the stove, and staying focused on the cooking task can make a significant difference.

Fire Prevention Starts with Prevention Measures

Distractions, unattended cooking, proximity of cooking utensils to the stove, and wearing loose-fitting clothing are all potential ingredients for disaster. Never leave the kitchen unattended while the stove is on. If you need to leave, ensure the stove is turned off. Thunder Bay Fire Rescue emphasizes that fire safety begins with prevention and being prepared.

Home Safety: More Than Just the Kitchen

In addition to kitchen safety, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue urges homeowners to install a functional smoke alarm on every storey of their homes. Regular testing, at least once a month, ensures these alarms are in working order. Furthermore, having a well-practiced home fire escape plan is essential for every household member, ensuring a safe exit in case of an emergency.

Fire Prevention Week: Mark Your Calendars

Fire Prevention Week 2023, running from October 8 to 14, serves as a timely reminder for everyone to prioritize fire safety. By implementing these precautions, individuals can contribute to a safer community.

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