Kenora OPP Reports on Weekly Crime Statistics and Encourages Online Reporting

Welcome to Kenora

Kenora, ON The Kenora Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a total of 406 occurrences between Monday, September 24, 2023, and Sunday, October 1, 2023, reflecting the various challenges faced by the community.

Incident Breakdown

The incidents responded to by the Kenora OPP encompassed a wide range of issues, from unwanted person reports and alarms to mental health concerns and traffic complaints. Among the incidents attended were:

  • Unwanted Person: 32 cases
  • Alarm: 22 cases
  • Police Assistance: 20 cases
  • Mental Health Act: 18 cases
  • Suspicious Person: 17 cases
  • Noise Complaint: 15 cases
  • Traffic Complaint: 15 cases
  • eTicket – Vehicle: 13 cases
  • Ambulance Assistance: 13 cases
  • Liquor License Act: 13 cases
  • Theft: 11 cases
  • Police Information: 10 cases
  • Community Services: 10 cases
  • 911 Call/911 Hang-Up: 10 cases

And several other incidents involving assaults, bail violations, domestic disputes, mischief, property-related concerns, and more.

Charges Laid

Over the week, the Kenora OPP laid a total of 25 charges under the Criminal Code and 13 under the Highway Traffic Act. These charges reflect the police’s dedication to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of the community.

Citizen Self Reporting (CSR)

The OPP is reminding the public about their online reporting system, Citizen Self Reporting (CSR). This efficient system allows citizens to report certain minor incidents and crimes online without requiring an officer to attend the scene, provided there are no suspects, injuries, or emergencies involved. Incidents that fall within CSR online reporting parameters include theft under $5000, mischief/damage to property under $5000, theft from vehicles, lost/missing property under $5000, stolen license plates, and driving complaints.

To access Citizen Self Reporting online and learn more about this service, visit By using this system, community members can contribute to ensuring a safer Kenora while utilizing the convenience of online reporting.

Protecting Your Property

Homeowners can take proactive measures to safeguard their property:

  1. Secure Entrances: Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked, including garage doors.
  2. Outdoor Lighting: Install motion-sensor lighting to deter trespassers.
  3. Security Systems: Consider installing a security system with monitoring capabilities.
  4. Neighbourhood Watch: Engage with your neighbours to establish a vigilant community watch.
  5. Property Marking: Mark your valuables with unique identifiers to aid recovery in case of theft.
  6. Reporting Suspicious Activity: Report any suspicious individuals or activities to the police promptly.

By working together and staying vigilant, residents can help maintain a safe and secure environment in Kenora.

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