Test Your Smoke Alarm Day 2023: “Saved by the Beep”

Smoke Detector - image depositphotos.com
Smoke Detector - image depositphotos.com

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Chief Urges Residents to Prioritize Safety

An Urgent Call to Action Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Chief Greg Hankkio is urging all Thunder Bay residents to mark September 28th on their calendars as Test Your Smoke Alarm Day. This initiative, themed “Saved by the Beep,” emphasizes the critical importance of functional smoke alarms in safeguarding lives during fire emergencies.

Taking a Simple Step for Safety On September 28th, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue joins communities throughout Ontario in urging everyone to take a moment to ensure their homes are equipped with working smoke alarms.

Last Year’s Tragic Losses In 2022, Ontario experienced a tragic loss of 133 lives in deadly fires, marking the highest number in over two decades. Shockingly, many of these incidents were discovered to have lacked operational smoke alarms. This serves as a stark reminder that functional smoke alarms are the only means to alert occupants to a fire, providing them with crucial time to safely evacuate.

A Preventable Tragedy Fire Chief Greg Hankkio expressed his deep concern about the rising number of fatal fires across Ontario, highlighting that most of these disasters occurred in homes without working smoke alarms. He noted that the presence of functioning smoke alarms, coupled with well-rehearsed fire escape plans, could have prevented many of these tragic deaths.

A Community Challenge On September 28th, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue challenges all residents to test their home’s smoke alarms, ensuring they are in proper working order.

Additional Facts:

  • Since 2006, Ontario law has mandated the installation of smoke alarms on every story of a residence, including vacation homes, cabins, trailers, RVs, and cottages.
  • Landlords are required to test alarms annually, after battery replacements, and after every change in tenancy. Tenants must promptly notify landlords if a smoke alarm is not functioning.

Prioritize your safety and that of your loved ones by participating in Test Your Smoke Alarm Day on September 28th. “Saved by the Beep” can make all the difference in the event of a fire emergency.

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