Thunder Bay Weather: From Chilly Start to Mix of Everything!

Tee Pee at TBRHSC
Tee Pee at TBRHSC

Good morning, Thunder Bay! At 6:30 AM, the temperature is a brisk +9°C. Looks like it’s a wake-up call from Fallr, but don’t worry, things are about to get interesting.

Today: As you step outside, you’ll notice a mix of sun and clouds in the sky. It’s like Mother Nature couldn’t decide whether to go for a sunny stroll or have a cozy day indoors. Fog patches from the early morning will gradually dissipate, making way for a high of 20°C. The UV index is at a moderate 5, so don’t forget your sunscreen – even when the sun plays peekaboo!

Tonight: As the day winds down, the skies will clear up, providing a perfect view of the night sky. However, keep an eye out for a twist in the plot – clouds will make a late entrance this evening. Fog patches might decide to join the party again overnight. The temperature will drop to a comfortable 10°C, making it ideal for a night of peaceful slumber.

Wednesday, 27 Sep: Wednesday has a little bit of everything in store for Thunder Bay. The morning starts with a mix of sun and clouds, but hold onto your umbrella – there’s a 30 percent chance of showers late in the morning and in the afternoon. It’s like the weather can’t make up its mind! Fog patches from the early hours will dissipate, and the wind will pick up speed, becoming east at 20 km/h. High temperatures will reach 18°C, and the UV index drops to a low 2.

So, Thunder Bay, grab your umbrella and sunscreen because it’s a day filled with surprises. Whether it’s sunshine, clouds, or a chance of rain, Mother Nature has it all on her agenda!

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