Kenora Weather: Foggy Start, Sunny End – Mother Nature’s Magic Show!

Kenora - A Gem of the Region
Kenora - A Gem of the Region soon the leaves will be out and spring will be fully here

Good morning, Kenora! At 5:20 AM, the temperature was a crisp +12°C. It’s like the world’s most refreshing wake-up call!

Today: Get ready for a weather rollercoaster, Kenora! The day kicks off with a little mystery as fog patches make their grand entrance, but fear not – they’ll be vanishing like magicians’ tricks by morning. Once the fog clears, brace yourself for a day of sunshine. High temperatures are set to hit 22°C, and the humidex adds a touch of warmth, making it feel like a cozy 25°C. But wait, there’s more! The UV index is at a moderate 4, so don’t forget to slather on that sunscreen.

Tonight: As the day draws to a close, the skies will be as clear as your grandma’s spotless china. But here comes the plot twist – fog patches are planning a sneak attack overnight. The temperature will drop to a cool 8°C, so keep an eye out for any foggy surprises!

Wednesday, 27 Sep: Guess who’s making an encore appearance? The sun, of course! Wednesday promises more sunshine, and those pesky fog patches from the morning will vanish like shy performers. The wind will take a breather, allowing you to bask in the sun’s glory without any distractions. High temperatures will reach 22°C, with the humidex maintaining that comfortable 25°C feeling. The UV index is still hanging around at a moderate 4, so keep those sunnies close.

Callout: 📸 Kenora Shutterbugs, Show Us Your Skills! Caught the disappearing fog act or captured a sunny Kenora moment? Share your weather pics and tips with us at! We’re on the lookout for your Kenora snapshots and insights to brighten up our weather reports. Don’t let those weather wonders stay hidden – let them shine on our platform!

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