Unmasking the Ivory Tower: The Battle Against Elite College Monopolies


In his new book, a young new author, Sahaj Sharda delves into the hidden practices and monopolistic grip within higher education. “The College Cartel” explains exactly how these concentrations of power operate in higher education. In this article, we dive deep into the eye-opening revelations, sparking a thought-provoking exploration of the urgent need for reform.

The Secrets Unveiled by “The College Cartel”

“The College Cartel” takes readers on an extraordinary and enlightening expedition into the shadowy world of elite universities. Sharda exposes the illegal collusion and monopolistic strategies employed by these institutions, shining a light on their detrimental impact on students, parents, and society as a whole. Brace yourself for shocking revelations as Sharda uncovers hidden arrangements, price-fixing tactics, and the manipulation of resources that perpetuate inequality and hinder access to education.

Demystifying the Enigmatic Endowments

Within the pages of his book, Sharda unravels the astonishing growth of elite universities’ endowments, leaving readers utterly astounded. Between 1994 and 2021, prestigious institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Brown, and Duke experienced mind-boggling increases in their endowments. As these universities amassed unimaginable wealth, acceptance rates plummeted, creating a scarcity of seats for deserving students. Sharda’s book lays bare the alarming truth of how a few collaborators profit immensely by transforming education into a limited commodity.

Confronting the Status Quo: Advocating for Reform

Through meticulous research and compelling narratives, “The College Cartel” exposes the collusion and manipulation prevalent within elite universities. Sharda fearlessly calls for reform, emphasizing the urgent need for transparency, accountability, and accessibility within higher education. His aggressive solutions challenge the existing power structures and advocate for a fairer and more inclusive system that serves the interests of all.

Testimonials from Enlightened Readers

Enthusiastic readers have shared their heartfelt testimonials, capturing the sentiment shared by many. One reader review perfectly encapsulates the prevailing sentiment, stating, “A provocative read. Elite colleges are in dire need of reform. There is a dearth of justice.” This powerful statement resonates with those who have long questioned the fairness and transparency of the admissions process, amplifying the call for transformative change that underlies Sharda’s expose.

Another reader’s perspective adds a unique dimension to the discussion. In their insightful comment, they pondered, “Interesting thesis. I wonder how the market will evolve with new technological disruptions.” Acknowledging the dynamic nature of education and the potential impact of emerging technologies, this comment reflects the curiosity and anticipation surrounding the future of higher education.

Join the Movement: Reshaping the Future of Higher Education

“The College Cartel” is an absolute must-read for anyone passionate about dismantling the existing power structures within higher education. Sahaj Sharda’s unflinching exploration challenges readers to question the status quo and become advocates for reform. By exposing the truth and offering aggressive solutions, Sharda ignites a spark of change that has the potential to reshape the future of higher education for the better.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this transformative movement. Grab your copy of “The College Cartel” today and join the collective endeavor to reshape the future of higher education for a brighter and more equitable tomorrow.

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