Thunder Bay Weather: A Rollercoaster Ride with Thunderous Twists!

Tee Pee at TBRHSC
Tee Pee at TBRHSC

🌄 Early Morning Chill: +12°C at 6:30 AM EDT!

  • Good morning, Thunder Bay! It’s a brisk +12°C at 6:30 in the morning, and the skies are mainly cloudy. The weather’s got a bit of mystery in store today, so hang onto your hats (and maybe your umbrellas).
  • As the day goes on, keep your eyes on the horizon because there’s a 30 percent chance of showers sneaking in late this afternoon, and they might just bring along a thunderstorm or two. It’s like the weather’s setting up its own thrill ride!
  • But hey, before we get to that, those early morning fog patches are dissipating. Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Let’s clear the runway for some weather drama!”
  • The high for today is 21°C, but don’t forget about the humidity (humidex 31). It’s like the weather’s secret ingredient, making it feel just a bit warmer. And with the UV index at a moderate 4, don’t leave your sunscreen and shades behind. Mother Nature wants us to stay cool and sun-smart!

🌙 Tonight: Partly Cloudy with Foggy Surprises!

  • As night falls, we’re in for a bit of a weather puzzle. Expect partly cloudy skies, but here’s the twist – there’s a 30 percent chance of showers early in the evening, and yes, the thunderstorms might just crash the party. But that’s not all; fog patches are planning to develop overnight. It’s like the weather’s throwing a surprise soirée!
  • The low tonight is a comfy 10°C, so whether you’re chasing stars through the clouds or watching the fog roll in, it’s a night to unwind.

🌤️ Thursday’s Forecast: A Sunny Start with Thunderous Surprises!

  • Thursday’s forecast is like a story with a twist ending. We begin with a mix of sun and clouds, and there’s a 30 percent chance of showers in the afternoon, with those thunderstorms again making a cameo appearance.
  • And to kick things up a notch, the high for Thursday is a warm 26°C, with the humidity (humidex 31) making it feel even toastier. And yes, the UV index remains at a moderate 5, so sunscreen and shades are a must. It’s like Mother Nature’s encouraging us to enjoy the sunny moments amidst the thunderous surprises!

📸 Send in Your Weather Photos and News Tips!

  • Thunder Bay, we want to see your weather adventures! Whether you’re capturing lightning strikes or enjoying clear skies, snap those weather photos and share your stories. If you’ve got a hot tip on breaking news, spill the beans! Send your captures and news tips to, and you might just become our next Newshawk hero. Stay weather-ready, Thunder Bay, and keep that umbrella within arm’s reach for today’s weather rollercoaster!
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