Weather: Thunder Bay From a Damp Dawn to Mixed Skies and a Sunny Outlook

Looking over Lake Superior
Looking over Lake Superior

A Damp Start, Mix of Conditions, and Sunshine Ahead

Good morning, Thunder Bay! It’s time to unveil your weather forecast, which includes a damp start, a mix of conditions, and the promise of sunny skies ahead. Let’s dive into the details of your upcoming weather journey.

Damp Morning Start: A Damp Feeling +4°C at 5:00 AM

Thunder Bay begins the day with a damp feeling, as the temperature lingers at +4°C at 5:00 AM. As the day progresses, expect a mix of sun and cloud, with any lingering fog patches dissipating in the morning. The high temperature will reach a comfortable 17°C.

UV Index Alert: Moderate Sun Protection Advised

The UV index is at 4 today, so even though it’s not extremely sunny, don’t forget to keep some sun protection handy. UV rays can still make their way through, especially with sunny breaks.

Evening Expectations: A Few Clouds and Mild Temperatures

As night descends upon Thunder Bay, you can anticipate a few clouds in the sky. The evening will be mild, with the low temperature dropping to 7°C.

Tuesday’s Preview: Sunny Skies and Pleasant Weather

Tuesday brings a delightful change with sunny skies and pleasant weather. Enjoy the sunshine, as the high temperature will reach 20°C. It’s a perfect day to soak in the sun.

That’s the scoop on your Thunder Bay weather outlook! Say goodbye to the damp start and look forward to mixed conditions followed by sunny skies. If you happen to capture any weather-related moments, feel free to share them with us at Enjoy the sunshine ahead!

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