Surviving Spartan Training to Conquer American Ninja Warrior: The Journey of Fitness Influencer, Rachel Cohen


Establishing one’s presence in the world is crucial for those seeking to achieve more and gain acknowledgment. Wanting recognition for successful endeavors is a natural habit for entrepreneurs and influencers. It allows them to showcase their talents, pursue their passions, and leave a lasting impact on their chosen field or community. One such fitness influence and entrepreneur, Rachel Cohen, is working hard to find her place in the American Ninja Warrior show.

There are a few requirements to be on the American Ninja Warrior show. Firstly, all contestants must be United States Citizens. Secondly, the contestant must be over 15, in good health, and capable of partaking in strenuous athletics activities. Finally, the contestants must provide a clear digital picture of themselves and be available to participate in regionals and the finals, which take place in Las Vegas.

Most of these conditions are a complete match for Rachel, and she is training very hard for her qualification for the show. She intends to participate in it as soon as possible and has her workout routine planned according to the show’s challenges.

In the reality show, many athletes have to go through a notorious course designed for the absolute best of the best athletes. Only two athletes have ever been able to complete the entire course. It is almost impossible to finish with challenges like Double Wedge, Curved Body Prop, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Cane Lane, Salmon Ladder, and Hang Climb. Few competitors have managed to conquer the course, and even fewer have made it past the grueling 18-foot wall climb at the finish. Despite facing numerous setbacks and obstacles, Rachel is determined to pursue perfection and conquer the American Ninja Warrior course.

On her Instagram and TikTok page, Rachel shares different workout routines, which she follows to build her core strength. She has found Spartan Training to be the most effective workout regimen for preparing her body for the American Ninja Warrior challenges. Spartan is a fitness brand with coaches who train their clients for particular tasks, such as American Ninja Warrior.

The training that is set for Rachel is arduous, involving pull-ups, deadlifts, monkey bars, and rope climbing. By building her core strength and stamina, Rachel is fully prepared for the physically demanding tasks that await her on the reality show. Undoubtedly, with all her efforts and dedication, Rachel will surely get her place on the American Ninja Warrior reality show and dominate the obstacle course.

Rachel is additionally the founder of One Bracelet At a Time, a platform where she sells sleek and minimalistic silicone bracelets, aiming to promote kindness and foster a culture of positivity. The bracelets feature the empowering slogan “Kindness Matters” on the exterior and carry the message “Help Combat Bullying” on the interior. Designed to be inclusive, these bracelets are meant to be worn by individuals of any race or gender.

To learn more about Rachel and her training regime, click here to follow her on Instagram.

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