Wasaho Cree Nation: Cloudy with Showers, Followed by Sunshine

Rainy Day Weather

Wasaho Cree Nation, be prepared for cloudy skies and showers today, followed by some sunshine on Monday. Here’s your weather forecast:

Today’s Weather Preview: Cloudy with a Chance of Showers

The day begins with cloudy conditions and a 60 percent chance of showers. High temperature? A cool 10 degrees, with a UV index of 2, indicating low conditions.

Tonight’s Conditions: Clear with Developing Fog Patches

Tonight, the skies clear, but be mindful of fog patches developing after midnight. The low temperature drops to plus 1 degree, signalling a cooler night.

Monday’s Script: Sunny with Disappearing Fog

Monday brings sunshine, with fog patches dissipating in the morning. In the afternoon, the wind becomes west at 30 km/h. High temperature? A pleasant 16 degrees, with a UV index of 3, indicating moderate conditions.

Embrace the Mix of Conditions and Enjoy the Upcoming Sunshine, Wasaho Cree Nation!

As you go about your day, be prepared for the possibility of showers today and look forward to sunny skies tomorrow. If you capture any cool weather pics or updates, feel free to share them with us at nwoupdate@netnewsledger.com.

Have a great day, Wasaho Cree Nation!

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