Thunder Bay: Cloudy Skies with Fog Patches Dissipating

Tee Pee at TBRHSC
Tee Pee at TBRHSC

Thunder Bay, prepare for a day of cloudy skies and gradually clearing conditions. Here’s your weather forecast:

Today’s Weather Outlook: Cloudy with Fog Patches Dissipating

The day starts with cloudy skies, and any fog patches will dissipate during the morning. The high temperature for the day is 15 degrees, with a UV index of 4, indicating moderate conditions.

Tonight’s Conditions: Mainly Cloudy

Tonight, expect mainly cloudy conditions with a low temperature of 10 degrees.

Monday’s Script: Another Cloudy Day

Monday brings continued cloudy skies, with the high temperature reaching 17 degrees. The UV index remains at 4, indicating moderate conditions.

Stay Weather-Wise, Thunder Bay!

Prepare for a day of cloudy conditions with the possibility of fog patches clearing. If you capture any cool weather pics or updates, feel free to share them with us at

Have a great day, Thunder Bay!

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