Whitesand and Armstrong: Frost Advisory and a Day of Sun and Clouds Ahead!

Frost Advisory

Whitesand and Armstrong, it’s a chilly start with a Frost Advisory in effect, but the day ahead promises a mix of sun and clouds. At 04:00 am EDT it is -1°C in Armstrong, and that is the coldest spot in Ontario. Hope you covered those tomato plants.

Here’s your weather forecast:

Today’s Weather Report: Sunny Skies with Clouds Later

The morning begins with sunny skies, but as the morning progresses, you can expect increasing cloudiness. Fog patches, if any, will dissipate in the morning. The high temperature reaches 18 degrees, offering a cooler but pleasant day. The UV index is moderate at 5, so you might want to have that sunscreen handy.

Tonight’s Outlook: Mainly Cloudy with Clearing Later

As night falls, it will be mainly cloudy, but the good news is that the skies will clear after midnight. Be prepared for the development of fog patches after midnight. The low temperature drops to 6 degrees, making it a cool night.

Saturday’s Script: A Mix of Sun and Clouds with a Chance of Showers

Saturday brings a mix of sun and clouds, with a 30 percent chance of showers in the mix. The high temperature rises to 20 degrees, making it a slightly warmer and variable day.

Stay Weather-Wise and Bundle Up for the Chilly Start, Whitesand and Armstrong!

As you prepare for the day, make sure you’re dressed warmly for the chilly start. If you have any cool weather pics or updates to share, send them our way at nwoupdate@netnewsledger.com.

Enjoy the mix of sun and clouds on Saturday, Whitesand and Armstrong!

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