Rolling Stones Unleash “Hackney Diamonds” – A Rock ‘n’ Roll Gem!


In an electrifying whirlwind of rock and roll history, the legendary Rolling Stones are back with a vengeance, announcing their exhilarating new studio album, “Hackney Diamonds.” This powerhouse of a band took the music world by storm once again at a press conference held in the heart of East London.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood, the iconic pillars of rock, sat down with the one and only Jimmy Fallon to give us a glimpse into the creation of their highly-anticipated 24th album, scheduled for release on October 20th.

For avid fans and music enthusiasts alike, “Hackney Diamonds” marks a monumental moment in the band’s illustrious career. It’s their first full album of original music since the thunderous “A Bigger Bang” graced our ears back in 2005. Yet, this album carries a bittersweet weight, as it’s the Rolling Stones’ first release since the heartbreaking loss of their beloved drummer, Charlie Watts.

But fear not, for the Stones remain true to their unyielding commitment to rock and roll rebellion. Mick Jagger, ever the raconteur, revealed the intriguing origins of the album’s title. “Hackney Diamonds” is, in essence, the band’s way of saying what happens to windshields when the night takes a wild turn – a fitting metaphor for the Stones’ relentless journey through the tumultuous world of rock.

Jagger couldn’t hide his enthusiasm, sharing, “We wouldn’t be putting this out now if we didn’t really like it. We didn’t want to make just any record and put it out. So we wanted to make a record. Before we went in, we said we all want to make a record that we really love, ourselves. People may like it, other people may not. But we must say this, we are quite pleased with it. … We hope you’ll like it.”

The album, expertly produced by the incomparable Andrew Watt (known for his work with Miley Cyrus and Ozzy Osbourne), promises to be a testament to the Stones’ enduring talent and ability to reinvent themselves while staying true to their roots.

During their captivating chat with Fallon, the band ventured down memory lane, reminiscing about their very first press conference back in the swinging Sixties when they’d buy a pint of beer each for NME and Melody Maker. Ronnie Wood, always one to keep things moving (much to the audience’s delight), discussed his penchant for collaborating with other artists. Keith Richards couldn’t resist sharing a backstage story about his “illegal” smoking experience at The Tonight Show. And, in a moment of sheer hilarity, Fallon took a crack at a Jagger impression right in front of the man himself, to which Jagger responded with a hearty laugh, “That’s not how I speak.”

But the real gems of the night were the details surrounding “Hackney Diamonds.” The band unveiled the album’s tracklist, boasting 12 electrifying tracks, even though they recorded a whopping 23 for the project. Ronnie Wood couldn’t help but praise the infectious riff on “Whole Wide World,” while Mick Jagger humorously disputed the notion of ever getting away from it all in “Dreamy Skies.”

In a surprising twist, the Rolling Stones announced some thrilling collaborations. Lady Gaga lends her enchanting voice to “Sweet Sounds of Heaven,” and Stevie Wonder’s name dropped into the conversation as if to tantalize our musical imaginations.

The Stones described “Live by the Sword” as having a “slightly retro” feel, and Keith Richards playfully addressed “Tell Me Straight,” a song he sings, with the quip, “I can tell you straight that I have no idea what it’s about.” He then pointed at Jagger, teasing, “He tried to steal it, so it must be good.”

As the Stones prepare to release “Hackney Diamonds,” the world waits with bated breath, ready to embark on this remarkable journey with one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Their enthusiasm, enduring passion, and timeless talent remind us that, in the world of rock and roll, the Rolling Stones remain the true diamonds that continue to shine the brightest. Get ready, rock fans; “Hackney Diamonds” is about to make history!

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