Whitesand and Armstrong: Showery Skies Today, Clearer Tomorrow!

Rainy Day Weather

Whitesand and Armstrong, it’s a day of showers, but don’t worry, brighter skies are just around the corner. Here’s your forecast:

Today’s Weather Report: Showers and Steady Temperatures

Showers will be the main act today, but they’re expected to wrap up this afternoon. After that, the skies will remain cloudy with a 40 percent chance of more showers. The wind comes from the northeast at 20 km/h, gusting to 40, and the temperature will stay steady near 10 degrees. The UV index is low at 2 – no need to worry about sunscreen today.

Tonight’s Outlook: Cloudy with a Chance of Evening Showers

As night falls, expect cloudy conditions with a 40 percent chance of showers in the evening. The wind shifts to the northeast at 20 km/h, becoming light after midnight. The low temperature drops to plus 3 degrees, signalling a cooler night ahead.

Thursday’s Script: Mainly Cloudy with Clearing in the Afternoon

Thursday keeps things mainly cloudy, but there’s good news! The skies will begin to clear early in the afternoon, giving way to brighter conditions. The high temperature reaches 15 degrees, and the UV index rises to 6 – don’t forget your sunscreen if you’re planning outdoor activities.

Stay Dry and Enjoy the Clearing Skies, Whitesand and Armstrong!

As the showers come and go, make sure to have your umbrella handy and stay prepared for changing weather conditions. If you have any cool weather pics or updates to share, send them our way at nwoupdate@netnewsledger.com. Enjoy the clearing skies, Whitesand and Armstrong!

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