Whitesand and Armstrong: Heat Warning Continues, Brace for a Weather Swing!

Weather Update - Leaves in Fall

Whitesand and Armstrong – Weather – The heatwave isn’t ready to bid adieu just yet. While you’ve been enjoying some warm weather, a mix of sun and clouds, there’s a twist in the forecast. Get ready for a weather rollercoaster!

Today’s Forecast: Sun, Clouds, and a Thunderous Turn

The day begins at 18 degrees in Armstrong, setting the stage for a hot one. A mix of sun and clouds welcomes you, but there’s a plot twist. Showers are set to make an entrance in the afternoon, with the added risk of a thunderstorm later on. The wind starts from the south at a brisk 30 km/h, gusting to 50 in the morning, but it will make a dramatic turn to the northwest, maintaining the same gusty pace in the late afternoon. High temperature? A sizzling 29 degrees, with a humidex making it feel like a steamy 37. The UV index remains high at 6 – don’t forget your sunscreen!

Tonight’s Dramatic Change: Showers and Thunderstorms

As night falls, expect showers with a risk of a thunderstorm in the evening. The low temperature drops to a cooler 9 degrees – a refreshing change from the daytime heat.

Wednesday’s Act: Rainy Day Special

Wednesday turns the weather story upside down with periods of rain. High temperature? A much cooler 10 degrees – quite the departure from the heatwave! It’s time to dig out those umbrellas and raincoats.

Stay Safe and Weather-Wise, Whitesand and Armstrong!

As the weather swings from heat to rain, stay prepared and safe. If you have any cool weather pics or more updates to share, send them our way at nwoupdate@netnewsledger.com. Stay dry and weather-savvy, Whitesand and Armstrong!

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