Premier Doug Ford Announces Cabinet Reshuffle

Premier Doug Ford at Heddle Shipyards
Premier Doug Ford at Heddle Shipyards

QUEEN’S PARK – POLITICS – Ontario Premier Doug Ford unveiled a revamped Cabinet aimed at driving forward the government’s ambitious vision for Ontario’s growth and prosperity.

A Strong Team for a Stronger Ontario – Premier Ford

Premier Doug Ford emphasized the pivotal role his Cabinet members play in realizing Ontario’s potential as both its population and economy continue to expand. “Building Ontario has never been more crucial,” Ford asserted, highlighting the importance of attracting substantial investments and creating well-paying jobs while addressing the infrastructure needs of growing communities.

Key Changes in the Executive Council

The Cabinet reshuffle brings forth a host of strategic changes in leadership, reinforcing the government’s dedication to fostering a thriving Ontario:

  1. Paul Calandra: Assumes the role of Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
  2. Prabmeet Sarkaria: Takes charge as Minister of Transportation.
  3. Caroline Mulroney: Appointed as President of the Treasury Board.
  4. Stan Cho: Assumes the mantle of Minister of Long-Term Care.
  5. Rob Flack: Takes on the role of Associate Minister of Housing, focusing on attainable housing and modular homes, reporting to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
  6. Todd McCarthy: Appointed as Associate Minister of Transportation, reporting to the Minister of Transportation.
  7. Nina Tangri: Assumes the position of Associate Minister of Small Business, reporting to the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade.

Additionally, Andrea Khanjin will expand her role, taking on additional responsibilities as Deputy Government House Leader, reporting to Paul Calandra, who remains Government House Leader. Caroline Mulroney will continue to serve as Minister of Francophone Affairs, while all other ministers will retain their current portfolios.

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