Thunder Bay – From Chilly Mornings to Sunny Days: Weather’s Turn for the Better!

Thunder Bay Court House from May Street

A Chilly Start at 4°C, But Sunny Skies Await – High of 25°C

Thunder Bay, it’s a brisk start to the day at just 4 degrees Celsius, but don’t let that chill deter you! Act one begins with sunny skies, like the opening scene of a bright and sunny day. The morning fog patches will gracefully dissipate, making way for the sun’s radiant warmth. The high temperature today reaches a pleasant 25°C, and the humidex might make it feel like a balmy 28°C. It’s like a weather transformation from chilly to comfortably warm.

Clear Night Ahead, But Beware of Fog – Low 8°C

As night falls, the weather plot takes a serene turn. The skies will be clear, promising a peaceful night with a low temperature of 8°C. However, there’s a twist in the story – fog patches develop before morning, adding a touch of mystery to the night. It’s like a weather mystery novel with an unexpected twist.

Thursday’s Sunny Encore – High of 23°C

But the story doesn’t end there! Act three welcomes a sunny encore. The fog patches that started the day will gracefully dissipate in the morning, revealing a sunny stage for Thursday. The wind becomes a character in the play, blowing from the south at 20 km/h in the afternoon. The high temperature reaches 23°C, like an encore performance you won’t want to miss.

UV Index – 7 (High)

With the sun shining brightly today, the UV index rises to 7, signalling “high” on the sunburn scale. So, make sure you’re protected with sunscreen and sunglasses as you embrace the sunny spectacle.

Thunder Bay’s weather is like a captivating story with chilly beginnings and sunny endings. Whether you’re braving the chilly morning, enjoying the clear night, or basking in the sunny encore on Thursday, each moment promises weather excitement.

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