Potential Driveway Repair Scam Raises Concerns Among Homeowners

Thunder Bay Police Service

Thunder Bay Police urge vigilance and caution when dealing with unsolicited sales tactics

THUNDER BAY, ON – Thunder Bay Police Service is cautioning the public about a recent string of incidents involving suspicious driveway repair crews that have raised concerns about potentially aggressive and fraudulent sales tactics.

Exploitative Sales Tactics

In one such distressing incident, an elderly male homeowner fell victim to an exploitative situation. The homeowner agreed to a purchase of over $30,000 worth of repair services from unknown males who had offered to patch his asphalt driveway. However, the situation took a concerning turn when the homeowner was coerced into providing over $100,000 more before concerned family members intervened.

Modus Operandi

The incident unfolded when two unidentified males approached the elderly victim one late morning on Monday, Aug. 14. They proposed to repair the homeowner’s asphalt driveway. Accompanying the elderly homeowner to the bank, the victim withdrew more than $30,000 in Canadian currency for the agreed-upon patchwork.

Instead of completing the contracted patchwork, the unknown individuals performed additional asphalt work and subsequently demanded the elderly male pay an additional $100,000. This situation strongly suggests an attempt to take advantage of the homeowner, who experienced challenges with hearing and communication.

Ongoing Investigation

The Thunder Bay Police Service has initiated an ongoing investigation into these concerning incidents. The objective is to identify and bring those responsible for these fraudulent sales tactics to justice.

Public Vigilance and Caution

The police emphasize the importance of homeowners’ rights to protect themselves from unsolicited salespeople. If contacted by individuals offering services unexpectedly, individuals are encouraged to exercise caution. Closing the door or hanging up the phone is well within their rights.

If a service provider appears to be legitimate, it is advisable to independently obtain their contact information and reach out to them on one’s terms. Avoid using contact information provided by a suspected fraudster. Additionally, remember that call display information can be manipulated or spoofed.

For further information on ongoing scams and frauds, as well as tips on protecting oneself from such threats, please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online at https://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/index-eng.htm.


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