Austin Gamblers Go a Perfect 3-0 in Game Play to Win PBR Camping World Team Series Homestand inside Moody Center


Kansas City Outlaws overtake Oklahoma Freedom for PBR Teams League No. 2 rank courtesy of 2-1 showing in Austin, Texas

By Kacie Albert

AUSTIN, Texas – The Austin Gamblers rode in seemingly unstoppable form at their second annual PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Camping World Team Series homestand, going a perfect 3-0 in game play to win Gambler Days, presented by Tecovas.

The flawless effort, propelled by Dalton Kasel going 3-for-3 on the weekend, allowed Austin to further their grasp on the No. 1 rank in the league, now 12-1 on the season and four games ahead of the league’s new No. 2 Kansas City Outlaws at the 2023 regular season’s halfway point. The Gamblers are the second team to win their homestand this season, joining the Outlaws, and have won more overall events than any team with three.

For the first time this season, the Gamblers, the only undefeated team in Austin, won the event outright. As the lone team to win all three of their games, no Extra Outs were required to decide the event for the first time in the 2023 season.

“This is a brutal sport,” said Gamblers Head Coach Michael Gaffney. “I can’t express to the fans how tough it is for these guys to rise up every weekend and give it their all. These cats, every one of them, are ready to come into the game whenever we ask them to and give 110 percent.”

As PBR Gambler Days, presented by Tecovas got underway on Friday night, the Gamblers made the most of an early qualified ride, logging a crucial 2.5-point win against the Kansas City Outlaws.

Both teams delivered their lone score of the game in the opening frame, but it was the 8-second effort by Kasel that led the Gamblers to an 87-84.5 victory against the Outlaws.

The Austin outfit then continued to dominate their Camping World Team Series homestand on the second night of competition, winning the Battle for Texas as they defeated their instate rival Texas Rattlers by one ride score.

The Gamblers earned the victory courtesy of an impressive first-frame score from opener Kasel and clinched the win when Jose Vitor Leme delivered in the bottom of the fifth.

Austin then clinched the event win when they throttled the then league No. 2 Oklahoma Freedom in their first showdown of the season. Compliments of scores from Kasel, Austin Richardson and Ezekiel Mitchell, the Gamblers concluded their 3-0 performance with a 263.75-86.25 win against Oklahoma.

Elsewhere in the league, the Kansas City Outlaws catapulted to No. 2 in PBR Teams courtesy of a third-place, 2-1 effort inside Moody Center. Following a loss to the Gamblers on the opening night of action, the Outlaws led by red-hot Cassio Dias, who is No. 1 in the MVP race at the season’ halfway point ahead of Leme by 2.50 points, registered back-to-back wins against the Nashville Stampede and Carolina Cowboys.

PBR RidePass on Pluto TV will offer replays of all the PBR Camping World Team Series action from Austin, Texas. Check for the latest programming schedule.

Following a one-week break, the PBR Camping World Team Series will next travel to the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for the fourth team-hosted event of the 2023 season. The event will be on Friday, September 8, at 7:45 CDT, Saturday, September 9, at 6:45 p.m. CDT and Sunday, September 10, at 1:45 p.m. CDT.

The game matchups for the opening night of competition in Oklahoma City on September 8 are:

              Texas Rattlers @ Kansas City Outlaws

              Austin Gamblers @ Arizona Ridge Riders

              Missouri Thunder @ Nashville Stampede

              Carolina Cowboys @ Oklahoma Freedom


Kansas City Outlaws Defeat the Carolina Cowboys by One Ride Score During Final Day of Games at PBR Camping World Team Series Event in Austin, Texas

Carolina Cowboys: 83.75
Kansas City Outlaws: 173

The Kansas City Outlaws rode supreme on the final day of games for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Camping World Team Series event in Austin, Texas, defeating the Carolina Cowboys by one-ride score to improve to 2-1 during the weekend. The game began with a fast tempo as both the Outlaws and Cowboys converted in the first frame. The Cowboys led off with 2016 PBR World Champion Cooper Davis (Jasper, Texas), who dominated Pain Killer (Cooper/Scruggs Bucking Bulls), making the requisite 8 to give his team an early 83.75-point led. The Outlaws were quick to respond, surging to a 2.5-point lead as Wingson Henrique da Silva (Navirai, Brazil) rode Chateau Montelena’s Montana Jacket(Vella/Coleman/Ogden/Hart) for 86.25 points.

In the second, after Boudreaux Campbell (Crockett, Texas) bucked off Smooth Whiskey (Addi Drury/Nothin’ But Try Ranch/Titan Bucking Bulls) in 2.47 seconds for Carolina, Julio Cesar Marques (Tatui, Brazil) earned a re-ride for Kansas City following his trip with Rockville (Blake Sharp/Koe Wetzel/Giovanni/Morris). The scoreboard then went unchanged through both the third and fourth, setting up a crucial fifth frame, which would begin with the Outlaws’ re-ride, matching Marques with Dirty Sancho (Blake Sharp/Koe Wetzel/High Voltage Cattle). While Marques was bested in 5.76 seconds, the Cowboys still found themselves in a must-ride position as the fifth began.

In the high-pressure out for Carolina, Flavio Zivieri (Balsamo, Brazil) was paired with Hard Candy (Braun Bucking Bulls). Erupting from the chutes, Zivieri was unable to answer the call for his team, hitting the ground in 4.14 seconds, cementing the victory for Kansas City. With the win in hand, the Outlaws’ closer Cassio Dias (Sao F. de Sales, Brazil) settled in aboard True Religion (M Rafter E/Owens).

Remaining in perfect time with the powerful animal athlete, Dias added to the Outlaws’ margin of victory, posting an 86.75-point score. The ride also propelled Dias back to the lead in the 2023 PBR Teams MVP race, 2.5 points ahead of No. 2 Jose Vitor Leme (Ribs do Rio Pardo, Brazil). When the dust settled, the Outlaws won by 89.25 points, 173-83.75. Via the win, the Outlaws improved to 2-1 at PBR Gambler Days, presented by Tecovas, and 8-5 in 2023. The loss was the first for Carolina in Austin, concluding the event at Moody Center 2-1 in game play, now 7-6 this season.

Arizona Ridge Riders Conclude PBR Camping World Team Series Competition in Austin, Texas, with Walk-Off Game Win Against League’s Reigning Champion Nashville Stampede

Nashville Stampede: 171.5
Arizona Ridge Riders: 173.75

The Arizona Ridge Riders concluded the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Camping World Team Series event in Austin, Texas, with a win, propelled to a walk-off, 2.25-point victory against the league’s reigning Champion Nashville Stampede compliments of a crucial bottom of the fifth score from closer Keyshawn Whitehorse (McCracken Spring, Utah). In the first, both Nashville and Arizona earned a re-ride opportunity. For Nashville, Alan de Souza (Taubate, Brazil) was unable to leave the chutes aboard Stone Cold Gangster (Universal Pro Rodeo/Rachel & Dustin Powell), while in the bottom of the frame, Out of Control (Blake Sharp) fouled himself during the trip with Arizona’s Eduardo Aparecido (Gouvelandia, Brazil).

As the second got underway, Nashville turned to Ednelio Almeida (Cacoal. Brazil) to give them an early lead, but he came down in a hard-fought 6.69 seconds atop Untested (Rafter R Bucking Bulls). Bumped up to the second position in the lineup, Nick Tetz (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) answered the call for Arizona. Paired with Shazma (Eldred Cattle), Tetz remained in perfect time with the powerful animal athlete, reaching the requisite 8 for 84.5 points.

Nashville wouldn’t remain shut out for long. In the top of the third, the Stampede’s newest team member,Wellington Ferreira (Ribeirao so Sul, Brazil), put the league’s reigning Champions ahead by 0.25 points on the scoreboard as he conquered Dirty B (Eldred Cattle) for 84.75 points. In the bottom of the third, Vitor Losnake (Bauru, Brazil) came down early atop Pete’s Dejavu (JD Nix Rodeo Co.), but the Arizona coaching staff quickly threw their coaches challenge flag, believing that the bull hipped himself.

Upon official review, PBR officials did not award a re-ride, with the buckoff remaining and Arizona losing their challenge opportunity for the remainder of the game. Before the fourth began, Nashville’s Souza attempted his re-ride draw Whiplash (Blake Sharp/Floyd Lowry/CB & Traci Lee). In what proved to be a perfect pairing, Souza delivered a qualified ride for 86.75 points to extend his team’s lead to 87 points before Arizona attempted their re-ride bull.

Trailing by one ride score, Arizona called up Davi Henrique de Lima (Candido Mota, Brazil) from the bench to take on War Daddy (TNT Bucking Bulls/Hart Cattle Co.). After a struggle in the chute, Davi nodded but ultimately came down early, hitting the ground in 3.08 seconds. The scoreboard then went unchanged through the fourth, with neither the Stampede nor Ridge Riders making the 8, setting up a crucial fifth frame. As the final round of outs began, Nashville closer and three-time PBR World Champion Silvano Alves (Pilar do Sul, Brazil) took to the chutes with the chance to clinch the win early for his team.

Alves entered his showdown with Lapua (Blake Sharp/Floyd/Wison/High Voltage) with a perfect 2-for-2 record at PBR Gambler Days, presented by Tecovas, including his Friday night walk-off score to upset the No. 2 Oklahoma Freedom. Alves, however, was no match for his bovine counterpart, brought down in 4.19 seconds.

The buckoff opened the door for Ridge Riders’ closer Whitehorse to win the game for his team. Needing a score of 87.25 points or more to deliver the walk-off win, Whitehorse settled in atop the unridden Do Dat Eddie (Universal Pro Rodeo/Rachel & Dustin Powell), a bull he bucked off earlier in the 2023 PBR Teams season. Erupting from the chutes, Whitehorse matched Do Dat Eddie jump-for-jump en route to the 8-second whistle as the electric crowd erupted in raucous cheer.

Marked 89.25 points, Whitehorse propelled Arizona to a walk-off win by 2.25 points, with the final scoreboard reading 173.75-171.5. Compliments of the win, Arizona improved to 2-1 at PBR Gambler Days, presented by Tecovas, and are now 4-9 this season. The 2022 PBR Teams Champion Stampede concluded the fifth PBR Camping World Team Series event of the year 1-2, slipping to 3-10 in 2023.

Texas Rattlers Cap PBR Camping World Team Series Game Play in Austin, Texas, with Victory Against a Scoreless Missouri Thunder

Missouri Thunder: 0.00
Texas Rattlers: 86.25

The Texas Rattlers, presented by Ariat, rebounded Sunday afternoon in Austin, Texas, making the most of a qualified ride from an Australian rider to avoid a shutout at the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Camping World Team Series event inside Moody Center and defeat a scoreless Missouri Thunder.

In the first frame, Missouri looked to their powerhouse Kade Madsen (Honeyville, Utah) to give them an early lead in the opener role. Madsen, however, couldn’t convert aboard Smooth Over It (Shuler Bucking Bulls), brought down in 4.96 seconds. In the bottom of the first, Texas earned an early re-ride after Joao Ricardo Vieira (Itatinga, Brazil) was unable to get out of the chutes atop Commander (Universal Pro Rodeo/Rachel & Dustin Powell). The second was then an all-Australian round of outs, as Missouri tapped team newcomer Qynn Andersen (Koumala, Queensland, Australia) and Texas called upon Brady Fielder (Clermont, Queensland, Australia).

Andersen registered the Thunder’s second buckoff in as many attempts as he hit the ground in 4.88 seconds atop American You (Universal Pro Rodeo/Rachel & Dustin Powell). While the team’s coaches Ross Coleman and Luke Snyder challenged the call, believing the bull fouled himself, PBR’s officials did not agree, leaving the buckoff in place as the team lost their lone challenge for the remainder of the game. Fielder proved to be what the Rattlers needed, covering Ah Hell (Coooper/Scruggs Bucking Bulls) to give his team an early 86.25-point lead.

Following a scoreless third, Vieira attempted the Rattlers’ re-ride bull Pickle Moonshine (Shuler Bucking Bulls) ahead of the fourth. Vieira was sent flying in 2.63 seconds, not adding to his team’s lead ahead of the penultimate round of outs. After the Thunder’s Marcelo Procopio Periera (Rinopolis, Brazil) bucked off Black Gold (Cooper/Scruggs Bucking Bulls) in 2.84 seconds, the Rattlers had the chance to clinch the game win early in the bottom of the fourth. Tasked with the pressure out was Alvaro Ariel (Itumirim, Brazil) aboard UTZ BesTex Smokestack (Blake Sharp/Chris Utz/Carey Brothers).

He came down in 2.28 seconds, and Missouri’s hopes of victory remained alive. The Thunder then faced a must-ride situation in the top of the fifth, with the team’s Championship Sunday closer Felipe Furlan (Sales Oliveira, Brazil) paired with Spooky (Young Cattle Co.). While Furlan initially appeared centered, the powerful bovine athlete ultimately got the better of the Missouri rider in a heart-breaking 7.71 seconds to cement the Texas win.

While the Rattlers’ final man out Daniel Keeping (Montague, Texas) was dispatched by Nefarious (Viducic Bucking Bulls) in 5.37 seconds, the Rattlers already had the win in hand. With the final scoreboard reading an 86.25-0 Texas Rattlers win, the Fort Worth-based team improved to 1-2 at PBR Gambler Days, presented by Tecovas, and 6-7 this season. The Missouri Thunder went 0-3 inside Moody Center, now 2-11 in 2023.

Austin Gamblers Clinch PBR Camping World Team Series Homestand Event Win by Defeating Then League No. 2 Oklahoma Freedom, End First Half of 2023 Teams Season at 12-1, Four Games Ahead of New No. 2 Kansas City Outlaws

Oklahoma Freedom: 86.25
Austin Gamblers: 263.75

The Austin Gamblers rode lights out at their second annual PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Camping World Team Series homestand, cementing the event win, their third of the season, as the lone team to go 3-0 following a victory on Championship Sunday against the league No. 2 Oklahoma Freedom. Austin was led by Dalton Kasel (Muleshoe, Texas) who went 3-for-3 on the weekend and was named the event MVP. The showdown marked the first time the two titans went head-to-head this season, with Austin entering the matchup No. 1 in the league, and Oklahoma No. 2.

The game began with Thiago Salgado (Navirai, Brazil) out first for Oklahoma, followed by Kasel in the lead-off role for Austin. With just one second left on the chute clock, Salgado nodded his head, but was ultimately upended in 4.03 seconds by Shew Bubby (Shuler Bucking Bulls). Kasel was quick to strike for the Gamblers, giving the home team an 89.25-point lead as he conquered Washita Red (Eldred Cattle). After a scoreless second, Oklahoma called upon Captain Eli Vastbinder (Statesville, North Carolina) to right the team’s momentum in the top of the third. Vastbinder, however, proved no match for Centerfold (Blake Sharp/Michael Floyd) as the quick bovine athlete whipped him to the ground in 4.16 seconds.

In the bottom of the third it was Austin Richardson (Dallas, Texas) aboard Mighty Mike (Braun Bucking Bulls) for the Gamblers. While Richardson, and the boisterous crowd inside Mood Center, believed he reached the requisite 8, the arena clock stopped short of the threshold for an apparent slap. Upon review, the in-arena call was overturned, with Richardson awarded 87 points to increase the Gamblers lead to 176.25 points. Down by two ride scores, Oklahoma faced a must-ride position in the top of the fourth as Casey Roberts (Munford, Alabama) settled in aboard Electric Avenue (Eldred Cattle).

He was sent flying in a close 5.85 seconds, a buckoff cementing the Gamblers game win, and overall victory at PBR Gambler Days, presented by Tecovas, as the lone team to go 3-0 in game play. In the bottom of the frame, Ezekiel Mitchell (Rockdale, Texas) was awarded a re-ride after Crazy Party (Blake Sharp/Michael Floyd) fouled himself in the chutes. As the final frame got underway, Oklahoma closer Elizmar Jeremias (Anapu, Brazil) prevented his team from being shut out as he covered I’m Your Daddy (Cooper/Scruggs Bucking Bulls) for 86.25 points.

To conclude the game, Austin attempted back-to-back bulls. With the victory already in hand, the Gamblers subbed in Adriano Salgado (Batatais, Brazil) in place of franchise star and 2022 Teams MVP Jose Vitor Leme (Ribas do Rio Pardo, Brazil) to attempt Tijuana Two-Step (Blake Sharp/Michael Floyd). Salgado was unsuccessful, tossed in a heartbreaking 7.89 seconds.

In the final out of the event, Mitchell attempted re-ride bull Haymaker (Nothin’ But Try Ranch/Diggers Bucking Bulls). In what proved to be a perfect pairing, Mitchell reached the whistle for 87.5 points for his first qualified ride of the 2023 Teams season as a blizzard of confetti filled the jubilant arena.

The Gamblers’ 3-for-5 showing propelled them to a 263.75-86.25 victory against the league No. 2 Oklahoma Freedom. At the halfway point of the 2023 regular season, Austin is now 12-1, four games ahead of the new league No. 2 Kansas City Outlaws. Via the loss, Oklahoma concluded PBR Gambler Days, presented by Tecovas, 1-2, and are now 8-5 this season, falling to No. 3 in PBR Teams.


Here are the final Team standings for the Austin PBR Camping World Team Series’ Gambler Days:

  1. Austin Gamblers, 3-0-0-525.75
  2. Carolina Cowboys, 2-1-0-603.5
  3. Kansas City Outlaws, 2-1-0-508.25
  4. Arizona Ridge Riders, 2-1-0-425.5
  5. Nashville Stampede, 1-2-0-432
  6. Oklahoma Freedom, 1-2-0-342
  7. Texas Rattlers, 1-2-0-333.75
  8. Missouri Thunder, 0-3-0-87.5


Here are the current Team standings for the regular season after the conclusion of competition for PBR Gambler Days in Austin:

  1. Austin Gamblers, 12-1-0-2,184
  2. Kansas City Outlaws, 8-5-0-2,175.75
  3. Oklahoma Freedom, 8-5-0-1,200.75
  4. Carolina Cowboys, 7-6-0-2,087.75
  5. Texas Rattlers, 6-7-0-2,077
  6. Arizona Ridge Riders, 4-9-0-1,207.25
  7. Nashville Stampede, 3-10-0-1,040.5
  8. Missouri Thunder, 2-11-0-781.25

About the PBR Camping World Team Series:

The PBR Camping World Team Series is an elite league featuring the world’s top bull riders competing on teams in five-on-five bull riding games during an 11-event season beginning in July and culminating in a Team Championship at T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas October 20-22. During the 2023 season, the league’s second, each of the eight teams – Austin Gamblers of Austin, TX; Arizona Ridge Riders of Glendale, AZ; Carolina Cowboys of Greensboro, NC; Kanas City Outlaws of Kansas City, MO; Nashville Stampede of Nashville, TN; Oklahoma Freedom of Oklahoma City, OK; Missouri Thunder of Ridgedale, MO; and Texas Rattlers of Fort Worth, TX – will host a three-day homestand. There are also neutral-site games in Cheyenne, WY and Anaheim, CA.  The Nashville Stampede are the current 2022 defending champions.

The league format, which launched in July 2022, builds on the existing structure of professional bull riding with the same basic rules for judging and scoring qualified 8-second bull rides. In events staged in a tournament-style format, all teams compete in head-to-head matchups against a different opponent each day. Each game features five riders per team squaring off against another team. Full team rosters are comprised of seven riders on the Protected Roster and five Reserve riders. The team with the highest aggregate score of qualified rides among its riders is declared the winner of each game. The event winner is the team with the most game wins across an events. All PBR Team Series events are carried on either the CBS Television Network, streaming live on Paramount+, CBS Sports Network, or RidePass on Pluto TV.

PBR is a subsidiary of IMG, a global leader in sports, fashion, events and media. For more information, visit, or follow on Facebook at, Twitter at, and YouTube at

About the Austin Gamblers:

The Austin Gamblers are based in Austin, Texas, where the team’s PBR Gambler Days Presented by Tecovas homestand will take place at the state-of-the-art Moody Center on Aug. 25-27, 2023, the fifth event of the 2023 PBR Camping World Team Series regular season. The team is coached by PBR legend and world champion Michael Gaffney. The team also works with Brazilian native Adriano Moraes, PBR’s first world champion and the first person to win the honor three times.

Moraes was named director of Brazil operations, responsible for both scouting and assisting in coaching and developing the team’s riders. Under the leadership of J.J. Gottsch as CEO, the Austin Gamblers are owned by Egon and Abby Durban. Both originally from Texas, Egon is co-CEO of Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing, and serves on the board of directors of Dell Technologies, whose founder, Michael Dell, is also a minority investor in the Gamblers.

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