Armstrong and Whitesand – A Sunny Start, a Cloudy Blend, and a Chance of Overnight Showers!


Sunny Beginnings, Cloudy Transitions

Armstrong and Whitesand, brace yourselves for a day of weather diversity! The day kicks off with abundant sunshine that’s sure to put a smile on your face. But as noon approaches, expect the sky to play dress-up, transitioning into a mix of sun and clouds. It’s like the weather can’t decide whether it wants to be a sunbather or a cloud chaser.

Winds of Change

Late in the afternoon, the wind will join the scene, blowing from the west at a breezy 20 km/h. So, if you’re planning any outdoor activities, hold onto your hats; it might get a bit blustery!

High of 24°C – Humidex 25

Despite the clouds joining the party, the temperature will rise to a pleasant 24°C. The humidex is expected to make it feel just a smidge warmer at 25°C. It’s like a subtle reminder that summer isn’t quite ready to say goodbye.

UV Alert – Index 6 or High

The UV index is still a formidable 6, signifying “high” on the scale. Don’t let the clouds fool you; those UV rays can be sneaky. So, keep your sunscreen handy and protect yourself from sunburn.

Partly Cloudy Night with a Hint of Showers

As we move into the night, the skies will become partly cloudy. But here’s the twist: there’s a 40 percent chance of showers overnight, adding a dash of unpredictability to your night. Keep an umbrella nearby, just in case.

Monday, August 28th – A Mystery in the Making

As for Monday, it seems Mother Nature is keeping her plans close to her chest. Stay tuned for updates on the weather as the day approaches. You never know what surprises she has in store!

In Armstrong and Whitesand, the weather likes to keep you guessing. So, whether you’re planning a sunny hike, a picnic under partly cloudy skies, or even some moonlit stargazing during the overnight showers, be prepared for a bit of everything.

And hey, if you happen to capture any of these weather quirks on camera, share them with us at!

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