Whitesand and Armstrong Weather Ledger: Sunny But a Risk of Frost Tonight

Whitesand First Nation

Today: A Beautiful Sunny Day

Good morning, Whitesand and Armstrong! It’s going to be a gorgeous day with abundant sunshine. Any early morning fog patches will dissipate as the day progresses. High temperatures will reach a pleasant 20°C, and the UV index is at a high 6.

Tonight: Clear and Cool with a Risk of Frost

As night falls, you can expect clear skies. However, be aware of fog patches developing overnight. The temperature will drop to plus 2°C, which brings a risk of frost.

Sunday: Another Sunny Day

Looking ahead to Sunday, the trend of sunny weather continues. You can anticipate a sunny day with high temperatures reaching 24°C.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and if you have any weather photos or news to share, don’t hesitate to send them to nwoupdate@netnewsledger.com. Have a fantastic day in Whitesand and Armstrong!

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