Weather Digest for Wasaho Cree Nation: A Ballet of Sunlight and Raindrops

Wasaho Cree Nation image by Brad Matthews
Wasaho Cree Nation image by Brad Matthews

Today’s Forecast: Playing Peek-A-Boo with the Sun

Hello to the beautiful Wasaho Cree Nation community! Today promises a delicate dance between the sun and clouds, creating a dappled light effect that’s truly mesmerizing. But while you bask in this sunlight, keep an eye out for a potential splash – there’s a 30% chance of surprise showers by late afternoon. With the mercury reaching up to 25°C, and the humidex adding a couple of degrees making it feel like 27°C, it’s the perfect blend of warmth and breeze. And for our sun-lovers, a moderate UV index of 5 suggests a protective layer of sunscreen could be a good choice.

Twilight Tales: A Night of Whispers and Whims

The evening continues the day’s trend with the sky painted partly cloudy. But don’t pack away that umbrella just yet, as there’s a 30% hint of showers making a fleeting appearance. As darkness envelopes, temperatures gracefully descend to a cool 11°C, perfect for a tranquil night under the stars.

Tomorrow’s Palette: Sunlit Strokes with a Chance of Showers

Come Wednesday, nature’s canvas showcases a blend of sun and cloud. But with a 30% likelihood of afternoon showers, it seems the clouds might get a tad emotional. A gentle southwestern wind will sweep in near noon, caressing at 20 km/h, adding to the day’s charm. As the temperature scales to a warm 27°C, the humidex might make it feel slightly steamier at 29°C. And while you enjoy the day, that UV index of 5 suggests a dash of sunscreen might just be the perfect accessory.

Wasaho Weather Watchers 🌦
Nature has its way of crafting tales in the sky. If you spot a rainbow, an unusual cloud formation, or a sunset that paints the horizon, do share it with us! Forward your weather stories and photos to

Embrace the day, Wasaho Cree Nation, and may the skies bring stories of wonder and delight! ☀️🌦🌈

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