Thunder Bay Weather Ledger: From Cloudy Curtains to Thunder’s Theatre

Looking over Lake Superior
Looking over Lake Superior

Today: Overcast Skies & Potential Dramatics

Good day to all in Thunder Bay! It seems the heavens have draped a grey veil over us today. While there’s a 60% chance we might feel a few droplets, it’s the afternoon we need to be wary of. Mother Nature might just orchestrate a thunderstorm performance. The winds, not wanting to be left out, will sweep in from the southeast at about 20 km/h later in the day. Despite the cloud coverage, we’ll be reaching a temperature of 20°C. Don’t be deceived by the lack of sun though – the UV index stands assertively at 6, so precautions are still in order.

Tonight: Rain & Rumbles

When night draws its curtain, the chance of showers persists, paired with the echoing drama of a potential thunderstorm. The winds, steady from the east at 20 km/h, will accompany this performance. Our nocturnal temperature is forecasted to be a cool 12°C.

Tomorrow’s Glimpse: Overcast Encore

Looking ahead to Wednesday, it’s another day beneath the cloud canopy with a 60% chance of the sky shedding a few tears. Early risers might be treated (or startled) by a morning thunderstorm, so perhaps keep that morning jog indoors. Temperatures will hover around a cooler 18°C, with a UV index that’s on the more moderate side at 3.

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Stay dry, Thunder Bay! Remember, every storm has its rainbow. Stay updated and stay connected.

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