Wasaho Cree Nation Weather Tales: A Dance of Sun, Cloud, and Gentle Breezes

Wasaho Cree Nation Fishing - Image Lydia Matthews
Wasaho Cree Nation Fishing - Image Lydia Matthews

Today’s Tale: The Sun’s Waltz with Wisps

Hello to all in Wasaho Cree Nation! The day unveils with the sun and clouds engaging in a harmonious waltz across the skies. The wind joins the dance, coming in from the west at speeds of 20 km/h and occasionally showing off with gusts up to 40 km/h. Today’s ensemble will see temperatures touching a comfortable 20°C. With a UV index of 5, it’s moderate but still good to be cautious when you’re outdoors soaking up the sun.

Night’s Narrative: A Serenade of Stars

As the day’s curtain draws to a close, the sky will wear a partly cloudy attire. However, as the evening progresses, these clouds will bow out, making way for a clear sky that sings a serenade of stars. The nighttime temperatures promise a calm chill, dipping to 10°C.

Tomorrow’s Tidings: Morning Sunshine and Afternoon Whispers

Tuesday ushers in with a burst of morning sunshine to lift your spirits. But as the hours tick by, the sun will share the stage with a few clouds. There’s also a gentle whisper of a 30% chance of afternoon showers, so keep an eye on the sky. The wind, not wanting to be left behind, will shift its direction, coming from the east at about 20 km/h by the later hours. Temperatures will see a gentle rise, touching 23°C, but with the humidex, you might feel it’s a slightly warmer 25°C. And yes, with a UV index of 5, it’s another day for your trusty sunblock!

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