Thunder Bay Weather Bulletin: Cloudscapes & A Sprinkle of Showers

Upping your coffee game by grinding your own beans
Upping your coffee game by grinding your own beans

Today’s Forecast: A Melange of Sun & Shadow

Hello, Thunder Bay! Prepare for a day dominated by cottony clouds, creating a soft canopy overhead. Though mainly overcast, the day carries a 40% hint of brief showers, perhaps as if the skies are teasing us with a little drizzle here and there. As the mercury rises to a comfortable 20°C, it’s essential to remember that the UV index stands at a striking 7. So, whether you’re beneath the cloud blanket or catching those sporadic sun rays, ensuring skin protection is the way to go!

Evening Whispers: A Night Under The Veil

Tonight, the story remains similar. Our celestial dome will be mainly obscured by clouds, and they come with their 40% promise of light showers. It’s a night to perhaps enjoy the mild coolness, with temperatures settling at 12°C. Maybe it’s time to bring out that favorite book or movie you’ve been wanting to indulge in.

Tomorrow’s Glimpse: Soft Light & Gentle Breezes

Come Tuesday, the clouds stick around, playing their hide and seek with the sun. Yet again, there’s a 30% likelihood of showers that might grace us. A notable change will be the wind – a gentle breeze from the east at 20 km/h as the afternoon approaches. And though the temperatures hover around a pleasant 19°C, don’t be deceived by those clouds; with a UV index of 7, it’s wise to remain sun-safe.

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