NGO 168Million handing out Indestructible Footballs to schools and community centres


Amsterdam, 22 August 2023

In the world of sports and innovation, there are moments that stand out, not just for their novelty, but for their potential to create a profound impact. The birth of the “Indestructible Football” by the 168 Million Foundation is one such extraordinary occurrence. Designed with durability and resilience at its core, this football has transcended boundaries to become more than just a game; it has become a symbol of hope and transformation for schools, communities, and children worldwide.

A New Dimension of Durability

The story behind the creation of the Indestructible Football is a tale of ingenuity and purpose. Driven by a vision to make a difference in the lives of children, the 168 Million Foundation embarked on a journey to design a football that could withstand the challenges faced by children in various parts of the world. From rugged terrains to adverse weather conditions, traditional footballs often succumbed to wear and tear, depriving children of their right to play and learn.

The foundation’s unwavering dedication led to the development of a football that defied conventional limits. Constructed from innovative materials, the Indestructible Football possesses unparalleled durability without compromising on the joy of play. Its design ensures longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and consequently lowering the burden on schools and communities.

Empowering Schools and Communities

The impact of the Indestructible Football extends far beyond the realm of sports. Schools and communities that have embraced this innovation are witnessing transformations that extend to education, health, and social development. With a ball that endures the test of time, children can engage in physical activity, fostering their overall well-being. Schools no longer face the challenge of constantly procuring new footballs, allowing them to allocate resources to other vital areas.

Furthermore, the Indestructible Football has become a catalyst for community engagement. It brings people together, transcending cultural and socio-economic differences. Communities now have a tool that promotes interaction, unity, and the sharing of experiences. In a world where connectivity is often digital, the simple act of kicking a ball has become a powerful medium for human connection.

Championing Play for All

At the heart of the 168 Million Foundation’s mission is the belief in inclusivity. The Indestructible Football ensures that children of all backgrounds, abilities, and circumstances have the opportunity to play. This is particularly significant in regions where resources are limited, and barriers to access are prevalent. By providing a durable and accessible tool for play, the foundation is actively contributing to the promotion of equality and the realization of children’s rights.

A Silent Force of Change

The Indestructible Football’s impact is not measured solely by its presence on playgrounds; it’s measured by the stories it carries and the dreams it nurtures. In its unassuming form, this football has become a silent force of change, carrying with it the aspirations of children who have discovered joy, friendship, and resilience through play.

A Global Network of Impact

The reach of the Indestructible Football is not confined to a single corner of the world. Through collaborations with schools, NGOs, and partners, the 168 Million Foundation has successfully distributed these footballs to remote areas, conflict zones, and underserved communities. This global network of impact is a testament to the foundation’s commitment to creating a brighter future for children everywhere.

In the words of [Founder’s Name], the founder of the 168 Million Foundation, “The Indestructible Football is not just a ball; it’s a bridge between possibilities and realities. It represents the unwavering spirit of children who deserve the chance to learn, grow, and thrive.”

In an era where innovation is often associated with technological breakthroughs, the Indestructible Football reminds us that the simplest ideas can create profound transformations. As this unbreakable ball continues to roll across fields, it leaves behind a trail of laughter, empowerment, and change—ultimately proving that play has the power to shape lives and create a better world for generations to come.

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