Wildland Fire Report: Monitoring Northeast’s Fire Landscape

Wildland Forest Wildfire Update

Current Fire Scenario

The Northeast Region is currently overseeing 33 active wildland fires. Among these, 4 fires are successfully under control, while 29 are currently under observation. As of Sunday, no new fire incidents have been confirmed within the Northeast Region.

Wildland Fire Hazard Assessment

The current evaluation of wildland fire hazard values reveals a range from low to moderate across the Northeast Region. Notably, two distinct pockets stand out with high fire hazard values. The first encompasses a considerable area, centered around Muswabik Lake, positioned to the north of the Albany River. The second is a smaller region, centered around Smoky Falls and positioned north of Kapuskasing.

Impact on Air Quality and Smoke Forecast

Individuals who wish to stay updated on smoke forecasts can find reliable information at FireSmoke.ca. For those concerned about potential health effects of smoke exposure, guidance is available by contacting Telehealth Ontario at 811.

Safety and Collaboration: Waterbombers and Drones

Maintaining a safe distance from waterbombers during firefighting operations is imperative. When waterbombers approach water bodies, positioning close to the shore enables them to execute their water scooping procedures without compromising safety. Waterbombers refrain from scooping from lakes or rivers if nearby watercraft pose potential hazards.

Drones are discouraged near forest fire zones due to the inherent dangers they pose. Flying drones in proximity to forest fires not only contravenes legal regulations but also jeopardizes the well-being of pilots, firefighters, and emergency personnel working tirelessly to manage the situation.

Prompt Reporting of Wildland Fires

To report wildland fires situated north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE. For forest fires south of these rivers, dial 911.

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