Thunder Bay Weather: Wildfire Smoke, Whirlwinds, and Whimsical Weather!

Lake Superior Thunder Bay
The Iconic Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay

Today’s Gossip: Clouds, Showers, and the Smokey Saga Continues

Well, howdy-doo, Thunder Bay! Today, our skies are dressed in their favorite shade of grey, dropping hints of showers with a 40% probability. Not one to be left out, Mr. Smoke keeps photobombing our skies, courtesy of those ever-present wildfires. Winds from the northwest are having a bit of a bluster, hustling at 30 km/h and occasionally flexing with gusts up to 60 km/h. While the skies might be cloudy, our temperatures are sitting pretty at 21°C, and the UV’s coming out to play at a solid 6. So, don’t put away those sunglasses just yet!

Tonight’s Narrative: Clearing Skies & Calming Breezes

Evening’s rolling in and the skies are slowly pushing those clouds aside, giving us a partial view of the twinkling heavens above. Our smoky acquaintance is still around, though, casting its hazy veil over the bay. The winds, done with their daytime drama, are simmering down to 20 km/h with gusts up to 40, then gracefully turning to a gentle whisper as the night progresses. For the night owls and stargazers, bundle up! It’s gonna be a chilly 6°C out there.

Friday Forecast: Sunshine & Smokey Silhouettes

Rise and shine, Thunder Bay! The sun’s making a stellar comeback, promising a day full of brilliance. Alas, the smoke’s not quite ready to leave the stage, adding its own touch to our blue skies. Winds are shaking things up a bit, giving us a southern swirl at 20 km/h by the afternoon. The thermometer is hinting at a comfy 23°C, and our UV index is stepping up its game, hitting a high 7. Lather on that sunscreen and embrace the day!

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