Northwest Fire Region Update: Varied Fire Hazard Conditions and Smoke Concerns

Wildfire Season - Waterbomber

Current Fire Situation

Thunder Bay – Wildland Fire Report – The Northwest Region is currently grappling with 36 active wildland fires. Among these, 3 fires are being held, 7 fires are under control, and 26 fires are being observed.

No New Fires Reported

As of the late afternoon of August 17, no new fires have been confirmed within the Northwest Region.

Fire Hazard Assessment

The prevailing fire hazard within the Northwest Region varies. While the majority of the region experiences a low fire hazard, a band of moderate hazard extends from the southwest corner northward towards Cat Lake First Nation. Additionally, there is a concentrated area of high and extreme hazard around Vermilion Bay and Eagle Lake.

Smoke Forecast and Air Quality

Certain parts of the Northwest Region may potentially experience the influence of smoke drift from Western Canada. To access current and projected smoke conditions, individuals can visit Those concerned about the health implications of smoke exposure can reach out to Telehealth Ontario at 811.

Safety Reminders

  • Stay Clear of Waterbombers: Ensuring the safe operation of waterbombers is paramount. When these aircraft approach bodies of water, staying close to the shore facilitates their safe water scooping. Avoiding encroachments that could impede their operations is essential.
  • Avoid Drones Near Fires: Flying drones in proximity to forest fires poses substantial risks to firefighting efforts and the safety of personnel. It’s crucial to adhere to regulations and avoid endangering the lives of responders and pilots.

Reporting Wildland Fires

To report wildland fires situated north of the French and Mattawa rivers, dial 310-FIRE. For forest fires south of these rivers, dial 911.

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