Weather Update: Thunder Bay – Whiffs of Smoke, Gusty Winds, and Intermittent Showers

The Alexander Henry awaits Coast Guard Day!
The Alexander Henry awaits Coast Guard Day!

Morning Musings: “Hints of Haze, and an Air of Uncertainty”

Good morning, Thunder Bay! As you set foot outside, you might detect the faint scent of smoke. Though there’s no official alert from Environment Canada, it’s always good to be cautious, especially if you’re sensitive to air irritants. The skies seem undecided today – a bit on the grayer side with a 30% chance of rain. Those fog patches we saw earlier are set to fade away, but the afternoon could get a bit dramatic with a potential thunderstorm. The winds are also readying to play their part, picking up from the south and gusting to a powerful 50 km/h by early afternoon. The mercury’s set to touch 25°C, but with that humidex factor, it might feel a bit warmer at 30°C. And for those stepping out, remember to wear your sun protection – the UV index is at a high 7.

Evening Echoes: “Of Rumbling Skies and Passing Showers”

As the evening approaches, the clouds might decide to shed a few tears, though they’re expected to stop crying by morning. The real spectacle might be the thunderstorms predicted for the evening hours. The gusty winds from the northwest at 30 km/h, with gusts up to 50 km/h, will mellow down as the night deepens. The temperature will cool to a comfy 14°C.

Tomorrow’s Talk: “Clouds, Showers, and Gusts – A Classic Thunder Bay Day!”

Thursday, 17th August: A rather cloudy day lies ahead, with a 40% chance of some showers sprinkled throughout. The winds have their own story to tell – starting from the west at 20 km/h, and then making a dramatic shift to northwest gusting up to a whooping 60 km/h by late morning. Temperatures are expected to hover around a pleasant 20°C, and the UV index drops to a moderate 3, though sun protection is always a good idea.

🔍 Note on the Smoke:
While there’s no official alert, the hint of smoke is something to be mindful of. If you experience any breathing difficulties, it might be best to limit your outdoor activities, particularly during the morning hours when it’s more pronounced.

Stay tuned, Thunder Bay, and always be prepared for what the skies might bring!

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