Weather Bulletin: Vermilion Bay & Dryden – Summer’s Temper and Temptations

Mill in Dryden
Domtar Mill in Dryden

Today’s Forecast: “Playing Hide and Seek with the Sun”

Greetings to our residents of Vermilion Bay and Dryden! Today, the sun’s decided to play a game of peek-a-boo between the clouds. But there’s a twist in this game, a 60% chance that showers might join the fun this afternoon. And if the skies feel particularly theatrical, we might be treated to a thunderstorm performance. Temperature-wise, it’s a warm summer day with the mercury poised to hit 26°C, though the humidex whispers it might feel more like 31°C.

Tonight’s Forecast: “Fog’s Mystical Veil”

As we approach the evening, the clouds, while partly dispersed, are still holding a 60% possibility of an early evening shower, with the theatrics of a thunderstorm still on the table. As the wind from the west at 20 km/h begins to serenade, it will soften to a gentle breeze later in the evening. Fog, with its ethereal presence, will start rolling in, enveloping the region in a gentle embrace, as temperatures drop to a comfortable 14°C.

Tomorrow’s Brief: “Cloudy Canvases and Nature’s Drama”

Wednesday, 16th August: A grey, cloud-laden curtain rises. But, like an old friend, the fog promises to lift by morning. Showers, with a 60% likelihood, might make an afternoon entrance, possibly bringing along their dramatic cousin, the thunderstorm. A southward wind, starting at 20 km/h, will greet us later in the morning. The temperatures aim to reach 23°C, but with humidex whispering in our ears, it might feel more like 28°C. For our sun-lovers, it’s worth noting a moderate UV index of 3, so take those necessary precautions.

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