Weather Bulletin: Whitesand and Armstrong – Bright Days Ahead!

Whitesand Band Office

Today’s Forecast: “Sun’s Grand Entrance!”

Good morning, Whitesand and Armstrong! Your day is starting on a sunny note with a temperature at 7:00 am of 4°C, however the day will be offering a lovely and radiant backdrop for any of your planned activities.

By the afternoon, a few clouds might join in, but the sun will still be the main attraction. Expect temperatures to touch a warm 24°C, but with that humidex reading, it might feel a bit warmer at 26°C.

UV Watch:
While enjoying the sun’s generous rays, remember to take those UV precautions. Hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses should be your sunny day trio!

Tonight’s Forecast: “Starry-Eyed”

Tonight, the heavens will clear up, leaving behind only a few clouds. It’s a perfect backdrop for some light evening reading or a tranquil night walk. The temperature drops to a cool 7°C, so a light jacket might be in order.

Tomorrow’s Outlook: “Sun and Showers Dance!”

Tuesday, 15th August: Your morning starts sunny and promising, but as the day progresses, there’s a 60% chance of showers creeping in by late morning and possibly lingering into the afternoon. There’s also the element of surprise with a potential thunderstorm in the afternoon. While the temperature will peak at a warm 26°C, the humidex will make it feel significantly warmer, edging up to a sultry 31°C.
Wind Whisper:
A gentle reminder to those who have outdoor plans, be prepared for the winds shifting to the west and picking up pace, reaching up to 20 km/h by late afternoon.

💌 Community Connect:

Whitesand and Armstrong, your landscapes can dazzle under diverse weather conditions. If you manage to capture the beauty of the sun or the drama of the showers, don’t hesitate to share with the community at Wishing you all sunny smiles and occasional umbrella twirls! 🌞🌦️📸

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