Weather Bulletin: Kenora – Sun, Slight Showers & Sizzle!

Huskie the Muskie in Kenora Ontario
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Today’s Forecast: “Sunny Skies & Slight Sizzle!”

Good day, Kenora! The sun’s out and gleaming, promising a mainly sunny day with temperatures reaching a pleasing 24°C. However, factor in the humidity, and it might feel a bit warmer at 27°C.

Tonight’s Forecast: “Stars with a Side of Clouds!”

As dusk settles, the skies will get a tad busier with a few clouds here and there. No need for extra blankets tonight with the temperature lingering around a comfortable 15°C.

Tomorrow’s Outlook: “Sun, Showers & Some Thunder!”

Tuesday, 15th August: Get ready for a bit of everything! The day will start with a blend of sun and clouds. But as the afternoon nears, keep an eye on the skies. There’s a 40% chance those clouds might shed some rain. And yes, there’s a hint of drama with a risk of a thunderstorm. It’s going to be warmer too, with the thermometer indicating 27°C but the humidity making it feel more like a toasty 32°C.

UV & Thunder Alert:
If you’re stepping out, sun protection is a must. And with the potential thunder rumbling in the afternoon, it’s always good to stay updated and take necessary precautions.

💌 Share Your Weather Moments:
If the sun paints a picture or you capture the first lightning streak, share your snaps and stories with the Kenora community at

Stay sun-kissed, be thunder-ready, and keep those cameras handy, Kenora!

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