Weather Bulletin: Wasaho Cree Nation – Embrace the Sun & Serenity!

Wasaho Cree Nation

Today’s Forecast: “A Bright & Beautiful Sunday”

Good morning, Wasaho! With a morning kick-start at a crisp +8°C, we’re all set for a day drenched in sunlight. So, whether it’s a quiet walk or an outdoor gathering, it’s the perfect day to enjoy the outdoors.

Temperature Tracker:
Today’s warm embrace will reach up to 22°C, making it an ideal setting for those Sunday picnics or reading sessions under a tree.

UV Update:
With a moderate UV index of 5, keep those sun hats and sunglasses at hand and make sure to lather on some sunscreen if you’re heading out.

Tonight’s Forecast: “Starry Skies with a Cloudy Cuddle”

As the sun sets, the clear expanse will give way to a few clouds, painting a picturesque sky. Perfect for a peaceful evening stroll or some stargazing.

Nighttime Notations:
Temperatures will cool down to a comfy 12°C. If you’re planning to enjoy the night, a light jacket might be just right.

Tomorrow’s Tease: “Sunshine with a Swaying Dance”

Monday, 14th August: The sun will be playing peek-a-boo with clouds in the morning, but fear not! By late morning, Mr. Sun promises to shine bright. Add to that a playful southwest wind, gusting up to 40 km/h by early afternoon, and you’ve got yourself a day filled with nature’s rhythm.

Temperature & UV Tidbits:
Expect the mercury to climb to a pleasant 25°C. And again, with a UV index of 5, don’t forget to be sun-smart.

💌 Community Corner:
Captured a splendid sunrise or a mesmerizing moment in Wasaho? Share the magic! Email your photos to and let’s showcase the beauty of our homeland.

Stay sunny, Wasaho! Let the weekend vibes continue.