Weather Bulletin: Kenora – From Clouds to Clear Skies!

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Today’s Forecast: “Clouds with a Silver Lining”

Good morning, Kenora! Your thermometer sets off at 14°C, prepping for a gradual rise throughout the day. Although we’re expecting a mostly cloudy sky, there’s a pinch (30% to be precise) of showers in the mix. And yes, don’t be surprised if nature decides to put on a dramatic thunderstorm performance later in the afternoon.

Temperature Tracker:
While the cloud cover might seem extensive, the temperatures will still warm up, aiming for a good 21°C by midday.

UV Update:
With a moderate UV index of 4, it’s a good day to keep those sunglasses handy and perhaps, a hat too. Be sun-smart while you’re out and about!

Tonight’s Forecast: “A Play of Clouds and Stars”

The evening sky in Kenora will present a myriad of shades. While there’s a 30% chance of showers and a possible thunderstorm early on, the clouds have plans to dissipate, giving way to a clearer, starry sky as midnight approaches.

Nighttime Notations:
The evening promises a cool ambiance with temperatures dropping to 11°C. It might be an ideal setting for some serene, late-night contemplation.

Tomorrow’s Tease: “Sunshine & Good Vibes!”

Monday, 14th August: Rise and shine to a mainly sunny sky! It’s going to be a day filled with sunlight and positive vibes. Nature plans on turning up the heat a notch, reaching a balmy 24°C. And with a humidex of 26, you might just feel that summer warmth a tad more.

💌 Community Share:
Kenora’s ever-changing skies are truly a spectacle! If you’ve caught a beautiful moment on camera – be it a sun-kissed morning or a dramatic thunderstorm, do share it with us. Send over your photographs to, and let’s showcase the meteorological wonders of Kenora.

Stay safe, enjoy the day, and embrace the beauty of our ever-changing skies, Kenora!

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