Weather Report: Thunder Bay – A Ballet of Breezes, Clouds, and (Maybe) Showers!

Smiles - Lots of Smiles CLE 2022
Smiles - Lots of Smiles CLE 2022

Today’s Forecast: “Cloudy Chronicles & Gusts Galore!”

Ahoy, Thunder Bay citizens! Today, it seems our fluffy cloud friends want some attention, covering most of the sky. But in a dramatic twist, there’s a 30% possibility of them shedding a few raindrops this afternoon. Meanwhile, the fog’s been busy weaving morning mysteries but plans to exit stage left soon. Our wind, hailing from the west, is all set to whirl at 20 km/h, giving gusts of up to 40 km/h.

Its opening day at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, make sure to not let the weather take away the fun. Remember the World Cup Women’s Baseball today is at Baseball Central… before shifting to Port Arthur Stadium.

Want to thank the Thunder Bay Border Cats for a fun and entertaining season. The season wrapped up home games wise last night.

Temperature Tattle: Expect the mercury to hit a lovely 25°C, but with that humidex, it’ll feel more like 27°C. Don’t forget the sunscreen, folks, because with a UV index of 6, the sun isn’t messing around.

Tonight’s Narrative: “Skies with a Sprinkle” As night descends, expect partly cloudy vistas with the universe peeking through. But hold on, there’s a 30% chance that those clouds may have a little rain in store early on. And that lively northwest wind from the day? It’s going to slow its roll, becoming a gentle breeze as the stars come out.

Temperature Tease: The night cools to a crisp 12°C, making it perfect for stargazing or a quiet evening on the porch.

Tomorrow’s Tale: “Dances with Clouds & Gusts” Thursday, 10th August: The day promises an interesting dance. The sun and clouds will tango across the sky, with the clouds trying to take the lead by morning. Our northwest wind, not one to be left out, will show off its moves at 30 km/h, gusting to an impressive 50 km/h before deciding to take a break in the afternoon.

Temperature & UV Update: A comfortable 22°C awaits, but remember, the UV index at 5 suggests some moderation. Sun hat, anyone?

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To the vibrant folks of Thunder Bay: let’s welcome every cloud, sun ray, and gust with open arms and joyful hearts!

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