Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety: Ted Ifantis’ Game-Changing Charging Infrastructure Solves EV Drivers’ Biggest Fear


Say goodbye to range anxiety because Ted Ifantis, the founder of FANTISI, is playing his part in bringing the technology to EV consumers necessary for the convenient use of their EVs. Ted Ifantis understands the issues faced by the users and is keen to provide them with the latest and high-quality solutions.

Using his extensive understanding of technology from his aviation background, Ted precisely understands the consumer’s difficulties, including the range anxiety that keeps nagging EV drivers. FANTISI Company is currently working on laying out the latest technology that directly addresses consumer issues and is aimed at making EV driving handy for day-to-day use.

Addressing user concerns about power shortages and charging inconveniences, Ted has conceived the idea of some one-of-a-kind fixes. One of the most exciting is the concept of cordless charging. Imagine being able to stop at a charging station and instantly receive a charge without having to fumble with cords. Ifantis and his team are actively researching and developing this technology to bring this convenience to EV users.

Elongating his list of solutions parallel to the list of consumer inconveniences, Ted comes up with solving another issue that plagues EV drivers: power availability. With the global energy crisis on the rise, EV drivers are often left concerned about blackouts or running out of charge while on the road. To combat this, FANTISI Company partnered with a consortium to bring Intelligent Energy Source (IES), a revolutionary technology in the EV charging industry that ensures drivers never have to worry about running out of power, to the customers.

In addition to advancing technology, FANTISI Company is expanding its reach to make EV charging infrastructure more accessible. With cutting-edge technology in development, limiting access to only a select few would be unfair. FANTISI Company plans to expand to Denver and beyond, making EV charging stations available to people nationwide.

Furthermore, FANTISI Company is committed to customization. Different EVs often require other chargers, and access to the necessary chargers can often be challenging, hindering convenience on a daily basis. FANTISI customizes chargers according to the driver’s unique needs, ensuring that all EV drivers can access the required chargers.

He believes technology should be accessible to everyone and is working tirelessly to make this a reality. His approach to business is not just about making profits but also about positively impacting people’s lives.

With a commitment to accessibility and innovation, Ted Ifantis’ FANTISI is a leader in the EV charging industry and an ideal solution for EV drivers seeking a convenient, reliable, and customized charging experience.

If you are an EV driver, FANTISI should be on your radar as the go-to solution for all your charging needs.

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