Wasaho Weather Whispers

Newshawk Lydia Matthews

Whispers of Showers Amidst the Mist

Good morning, Wasaho Cree Nation! As dawn stretches its golden fingers across the sky, the clouds are gathering for a possible rain-filled soiree. There’s a 40% chance we’ll be serenaded by the rhythm of raindrops today, and don’t be surprised if thunder joins the band later this afternoon. If you felt enshrouded in a soft, misty embrace earlier, those fog patches are bidding adieu as we speak. As for the wind, it’s got a story to tell too. Making its presence felt from the northeast at 20 km/h, it’s sure to add a refreshing touch to your day. With the mercury poised to reach 16°C and a moderate UV index at 4, it’s a gentle reminder to have those umbrellas handy.

Tonight: Melodies of Rain & Thunder

The curtain of the evening will be drawn with dense clouds and a 70% chance of persistent showers. Early risers of the night might also get to hear the distant rumble of thunder. The northeast wind will maintain its steady pace, accompanying you through your nightly routines. As the clock ticks away, we’ll feel a cool embrace with temperatures dropping to 9°C.

Wednesday, 9 Aug: An Overcast Overture

Midweek welcomes you with a mostly cloudy canvas and a prominent 70% chance of rain – nature’s way of keeping things interesting. The wind plans to shift its course to the north, gusting up to a whopping 50 km/h, making sure you feel its might. Thermometers will register a cooler day with a high of 11°C. With the UV index again at a moderate 4, a light jacket and a hat might be just what you need.

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