Thunder Bay – Sun Cloud and a Chance of Late Afternoon Rain and Thunderstorms

Thunder Bay Border Cats Win in Extra Innings - Image James Mirabelli
The Thunder Bay Border Cats final homegame of the season is tonight! - Image James Mirabelli

Today: Morning Brilliance to Afternoon Mysteries

Greetings to all in Thunder Bay! This morning, the sun graced us with its golden brilliance, casting a luminous glow over the land. However, as the day unfurls, expect the sun to play a bit of hide and seek behind clouds. The skies are keeping us on our toes with a 30% chance of showers sneaking in by the late afternoon. To add a pinch of drama, there’s also the potential for a thunderstorm to steal the spotlight. With temperatures soaring to 26°C and a humidex of 30, it’s going to be warm, so keep those refreshing beverages handy! Don’t forget your sunblock as the UV index stands strong at 7.

The Thunder Bay Border Cats final home game of the season starts with first pitch at 6:35 at Port Arthur Stadium. It is Fan Appreciation night with lots of opportunities to win prizes.

Make it out to cheer on the Cats!

Tonight: A Cloudy Sonata with Rainy Intervals

Night descends with a thick blanket of clouds, perhaps hinting at the mysteries the universe holds. While most of the evening might stay dry, there’s a 40% likelihood of showers making their presence felt, both early in the evening and after midnight. And for those who enjoy nature’s drama, there’s a chance that thunder might roll across the skies. The night promises to be cool and comfortable, with the mercury dropping to 12°C.

Wednesday, 9 Aug: Whispers of Wind under a Varied Sky

Midweek greets Thunder Bay with a sky painted in hues of sun and cloud. The wind has tales to tell, with gusts from the west reaching up to 40 km/h by morning. It’s bound to be a pleasantly warm day, as temperatures touch 25°C, but the humidex might make it feel a tad warmer at 27°C. The sun’s rays, filtering through the mix of cloud and clear sky, result in a UV index of 6. So, keep that sunblock close!

Sky Diaries Notes:

To the residents of Thunder Bay: embrace the symphony of nature as you navigate through sunny mornings, potentially rainy afternoons, and windy days. Remember, every cloud has a story, every gust of wind carries a secret, and every ray of sunlight brings hope. Stay prepared, stay safe, and keep looking up!

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